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26 Sep 2020 12:22:25
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26 Sep 2020 11:23:30
Been a bit quiet on the transfer front (both in and out) as we go into our tenth competitive game since the Bolingoli incident, without bringing in the left wide player we are looking for.
That's bad enough, but speculation about up to three players leaving is also hampering us with distracted players not giving 100% and possibly 'suitors' dragging it out, waiting to get a deadline day bargain with last minute bids?
Checking todays gossip pages, Eddy, Ajer and Ntcham are all rumoured to be targets in this 'window'?
Also, I see Charlton now have a new owner so maybe that will affect the Doughty situation; with the club apparently looking at loan options if a final bid is unsuccessful?
Deadline day can't come soon enough for all concerned, so we can try to settle down, with the best players for the right positions - happy to be here - playing as we can; Right?

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26 Sep 2020 11:01:13
It wouldn't surprise me if things still aren't the way we would like them to be in the coming weeks then someone like Martin O'Neil could come in to give Lenny a hand. Lenny was MON's captain so it could be a good partnership getting to the end.

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26 Sep 2020 11:46:07
Can't see it Stengo.
MON rarely attended training sessions when he was our manager and I think that's important in our current predicament. Also I doubt whether Lennon's stubbornness would let him accept that he needs help.
Something very positive has to happen soon or it could be a tough season ahead. Hibs are a decent side this season. If we beat them this weekend then some fans will think there's nothing to worry about. If we lose then the same fans will be screaming for Lennon's blood. For me it doesn't matter what the outcome of the game is, the fact is that we are very disjointed with some players who don't want to be here and a manager who doesn't know how to sort it out. HH.

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26 Sep 2020 12:17:44
And that's part of the problem bestybhoy. Lennon's stubborness can't get in the way of getting the 10. If that can't be sorted then he has to go. If pressure is the problem then it has to be addressed, either by the Board or by Lennon himself (or both) . A shrink has come in and if we're behind then we need to do something proactively to get this team moving again. Slip ups against Hibs and Sevco then it's going be a helluva struggle to get momentum going. I get it that Lennon's a winner, but sometimes winners need a hand to keep the winning streak going.

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26 Sep 2020 09:50:28
I think its vital we start playing Ajeti and Eddie together. They are top class and need a chance to develop a partnership. I also don't think there is enough drive in the middle 3 with Brown's legs gone and Nchamp only plays when he feels like it and Calmac is a more technical player. with Brown possibly injured and that in mind my team for Sunday would be all out attack.







I know Moi at wingback is a risk but if he can play there we have really won a watch.

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26 Sep 2020 10:42:18
Wouldn't fancy Moi up against Boyle at all. Ross has got Hibs playing some good stuff we need to take them seriously.

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26 Sep 2020 10:47:44
That is very attacking, VERY

with that team

Score prediction Celtic 7 hibernian 3.

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26 Sep 2020 07:39:04
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 26th September 2020

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25 Sep 2020 20:38:33
"There are 60,000 different opinions just inside this stadium every second Saturday, so I'm a big believer in the Celtic manager always going with his own. " - Tommy Burns 🍀.

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25 Sep 2020 22:36:05
A great thought, but Lenny clearly has off field issues with his players to deal with before he can be concerned about every second Saturday. HH.

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26 Sep 2020 08:27:57
Lenny Was the wrong choice
He looks lost and short of ideas. He doesn’t know his best formation or team yet. Pre season when we beat Hibs we looked good and the boy O’Connell was excellent he can’t get in the squad. He refuses to drop brown and he’s playing players who don’t want to be here. Punt them and move on. Massive season and we look so disorganised and clueless.

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26 Sep 2020 09:24:36
Maybe that's why Tommy only won one trophy in 5 seasons?

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26 Sep 2020 10:05:54
No drb he was playing against a side that spent way beyond their means. He also played the best football I’ve seen any Celtic team play.

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25 Sep 2020 19:27:26
4231 I think it's time to go back to our tried and tested formation. We cannot playing 352 when our wingbacks are poor it's just a non starter.

Frimpong Jullien/ Ajer Duffy Taylor

Brown/ Oli Cal

Forrest Christie/ Turnbull Moi


Play 4231 until we get proper wingbacks in and strikers up to full fitness.

It's just not working atm. We are playing too many central midfields and we have no pace in the team. Playing a 4231 allows us loada of pace on the right wing and it helps Taylor on the left because you've got moi.

Hope lenny sorts it out on Sunday because this has been torture to watch. Moi is such a good player and he's what we need in the final third. Forrest and frimpong on the right is just scary for any defence as well.

I've wanted 352 for a long time but we don't have the players to play that system atm.

We've not started this season and still in a good position so let's just hope we start soon. HH.

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25 Sep 2020 20:50:38
Don't know where to start with that post Della.
Forgive me if I'm wrong but are Jullien and Forrest not injured?
Brown is miles off the pace and shouldn't be starting.
Eddy has been poor recently and even called off with fatigue recently even though the seasons no long started so to me isn't happy with things at Celtic at the moment or is looking for a move? He was as poor as I've seen from him last night and hasn't been much better in other games recently so doesn't deserve to be an automatic pic just because of his past form and potential ability.

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25 Sep 2020 19:16:45
In my opinion our 3 best players are:


All 3 were at the club last year and Lennon would have known from early in the year that all 3 would be here at start of this season at least with Elyounoussi extending his loan pretty early.

All 3 should be starting every game in their favoured position. I am flabbergasted that this is not happening and Lennon is putting out a system that doesn't seem to have a place for Elyounoussi and that McGregor isn't looking effective in.

The 3/ 5/ 2 system also takes Forrest's A game away as he is an attacking Mid, not a wing back. Frimpong would be a great wing back but we would have an imbalance as we clearly don't have the same option down the left with Taylor not really suited to that role.

Most teams who come up against us will have 1 striker up front. Why do we need 3 central defenders to deal with this? I get why he adopted the formation at Hibs as it can act as a back 5 if you have the right players, but very rarely will we ever need a back 5. We did at Lazio away and it worked but it doesn't mean its a formation we will need week in, week out.

We have invested a decent outlay on Ajeti and by all means he looks like he knows where the net is. When he is firing on all cylinders I imagine he will start every week.

With no chance of Edouard being dropped or being asked to play off the left the only option is to have 2 upfront. Even if Edouard is sold Ajeti is not the type of striker who will be effective upfront on his own.

The system that plays to our strengths most is 4/ 4/ 2 in my opinion. Our best players all play in their correct position.

There's 2 reasons why I think Lennon is against 4/ 4/ 2

1) He is spooked by what happened in previous matches against Sevco, they will always sit 3 in the middle of the park. The midfield battle was lost but probably wasn't helped by playing an unfit Elyounoussi and Lewis Morgan or Mickey Johnstone in the next one.

2) The team can't carry Brown in a 4/ 4/ 2 and he's not got the balls to drop him this season.

This team in my opinion strolls the league.





Its fluid enough that players like Turnbull, Brown, Christie, Klimala and Griffiths can all come in and play their part as well. Its easily tweaked to a 4/ 1/ 4/ 1 or 4/ 2/ 3/ 1 in games where we need to make sure the midfield is not outnumbered and overrun.

There's a flatness about the team which you would never have thought coming in to the season given what's at stake. Lennon has all but confirmed there is problems behind the scenes with players wanting to move on before back tracking. Hopefully whatever it is gets sorted pronto starting with 3 points on Sunday.

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25 Sep 2020 20:48:40
The 352 dominated last season with practically the same squad. The problem isn't the formation its NL playing players out of position.

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25 Sep 2020 20:55:24
Getting more than a few negatives on
here Tim's, myself I can see only one, our play down the left side of the park is no where near our sharpness on the right and I'm afraid the problem is with our left back he never takes a man on and a lot of our moves forward are breaking down and his over all play is inadequate I may sound harsh but this is the Holy Grail 10 we are on about here But my one negative is different from the rest, because I Know that Lenny will sort it rest assured it will be fixed, In lennon we Trust.

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25 Sep 2020 23:38:45
Elyounoussi is overated, and nowhere near one of our best players.

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25 Sep 2020 16:59:59
What is going on behind the scenes with Lennon and player's. Has something happened we dnt know about?

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25 Sep 2020 18:06:09
After the CL defeat NL announces that 'there are some players that don't want to be here - and haven't for some time' apparently. Followed by a humble contradiction (probably) initiated from PL.
The respect, loyalty and commitment seems to have evaporated since then in both directions for the few that initiated the statement?
In my opinion, there needs to be some 'exits' before we can all move forward - not to mention finding replacements for those leaving.

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25 Sep 2020 19:16:24
Get rid of eddy, nitcham Ajer and Christie they don’t want to be here and 10 in a row means nothing to them, money is their god, sell them give the manager the money and let the manager and Hammond buy players who first of all want to be with us and will be first team choice, win the 10.
Get off the managers back and move on.
All our managers in the last 20 years have made great European successes and even bigger messes, so no difference there.
Celtic fc are unbeaten domestically in 2020 and that’s what counts at this time.
The manager is trying to find his best 11 and has deployed various formations to determine that. I think he will settle on 352/ 442 switching but we shall see.
The manager and the board know we need to spend money, so let’s get rid of the rotten apples and spend.

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25 Sep 2020 22:18:36
nice one @malika20
fans seem desperate its a knock out any team can win.
i know we are panicking with this system and under a lot of pressure.
Not to long ago we win the league then we go into European mini league, if you got in the top two you qualify for the knock outs.
if you win the league you go straight into European league i miss those days.
it seems a long haul to get into Europe after you win the league.
8 games before you reach now C.V. its a one game knockout.
its like every game is stressful.
support lenny and the lads.
the media are getting worse which does not help as some believe everything they read, i thought the subs lenny made was magic thought bitton was brill but zero positivity from fans.

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25 Sep 2020 22:20:12
Malika, I'm with you 100%.
Get rid of anyone who doesn't want to be here. No explanation needed. No questions to be asked. Bomb them out for whatever we can get and give the game time to lads who are eager and hungry.
I'd have Turnbull playing in every game, he has the real potential to be fekkin outstanding but he won't achieve it if he's sitting on the bench. Soro too, he's another keen lad. Get them on the pitch, show some faith in them and they'll come good. Ajeti is another, give him a start in every game.
There are others for different positions who will give everything they have and they'll be better than any player who is constantly speaking to his agent. HH.

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