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21 May 2022 12:26:59
I read this classic.
My Sevco supporting pal was just back from Seville and this is how the conversation went.
Me- Are you just back from Seville mate.

Him- Aye I'm gutted. You where in Seville in 2003 weren't you.

Me- Aye Mate.

Him- Tell me honestly, when did the pain go away.

Me- On Wednesday night when your team got beat in Seville. ?.

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21 May 2022 11:54:05
The Beauty Of Statistics.
Sevco Scotland FC have played 77 domestic cup games ( 143 cup games including Europe ) since they were formed.
Hopefully after today that will be 78 without a single cup success.
Celtic have won ELEVEN domestic cups in our last 77 domestic cup games.

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21 May 2022 09:59:57
C'mon everyone.
Let's show our support and hope sevco can achieve the Treble today.
Runners-up in League
Runners-up in UEFA League
Runners-up in Scottish Cup.

Hail Hail.

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21 May 2022 11:04:14
TT - you are also forgetting their fans also got 2nd prize on Wednesday. It was apparently like spending 2 hours in a Trappist monastery - but without the high jinx!

As a side note I just read that the taxi drivers of Seville are going to sue Rangers FC. They were told that their would be massive trade after the game but when they turned up after the game there was nobody there at The Rangers end. Loyal? They can't even spell it.

I haven't seen such a shower as that lot since my days deep in the Brazilian Pantanal.

I dread to think how they will react if Hearts do it today. I just wonder if the Samaritans get double bubble for overtime is all.

21 May 2022 11:27:54
It’s exactly 6 years ago today that Hibs won 3-2 in the Scottish Cup Final.

21 May 2022 11:44:13
Rangers fans are that desperate for a cup that they were raking the bins in the Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan stadium for discarded ones.

21 May 2022 12:04:21
If Hearts win today the only thing left on the ibrox menu following no eggs Benedict Frankfurters Cakes with no green icing and Jam tarts will be HUMBLE PIE.

21 May 2022 08:11:26
Been a Emotional journey for the bears and bearettes. From LIQUIDATION TO DEHYDRATION.

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21 May 2022 11:06:23
Ayp - greeting like bairns that have dropped their ice cream will not have helped either Auf'.

21 May 2022 11:08:40
@Auf1888 may I offer my word ANNIHLATION.

21 May 2022 11:29:01
Haha Tim.

From delusional EXPECTATION to torpid REALISATION.

We could be here all day lads.

20 May 2022 21:43:41
Ryanair have won the banter season.

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20 May 2022 16:02:48
The Ryanair social media team are giving the Sevco fans absolute pelters today after losing another final.
Or should that be CRYINAIR. ?.

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20 May 2022 13:10:21
Regardless what happens tomorrow its been a poor season for sevco, and they know it, they wanted the league - failed then they wanted the europa - failed thevleague Cup-failed, so tomorrow is a consolation providing they win it ??cmon the wee Sevconians.

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20 May 2022 13:35:37
They also Failed in the Champions League qualifiers and went out of 2 European competitions.
They will be the only Scottish Club who could have the chance to compete in all 3 European competitions next season.

20 May 2022 14:29:48
The attendance when 53,000 when Celtic played in Seville and about 35,000 were Celtic supporters in the stadium.
Celtic filled 3 fan zones with about 12,000 - 15,000 in each and that amounts to about 80,000 Celtic fans in Seville.
Sevco had at the very most 25,000 fans in the stadium and about 12,000- 15,000 watching the game in the same stadium Celtic lost in 2003.
Maybe there was about another 5,000 to 10,000 watching in the Seville bars and cafes.
I’m being very generous in my calculations and it still doesn’t come to 50,000 Sevco fans.
What happened to the One Million Sevco fans in Seville? ?.

20 May 2022 16:08:18
Buzz mate are you questioning the official figures released by sevco and their associated press buddies. tut tut. you better watch mate, they will have a dossier on you.

20 May 2022 16:31:26
Ha Ha Rob.
How did their last dossier turn out? ?
They’re all full of BS.

20 May 2022 19:19:43
Anyone remember Charles Green saying they had 500,000,000 fans worldwide?

20 May 2022 22:38:17
Buzz, did WE not get beaten in 3 European leagues this season? CL, EL and E Conference League.

21 May 2022 05:18:05
We did Tiny Tim.
It’s impossible for Celtic to compete in all 3 European competitions next season.
The only Scottish club that can possibly play in all 3 European competitions next season is Bridesmaid FC.

21 May 2022 11:09:35
TT, we never got beaten in 3 European competitions this season.

Rather, we gained experience in 3 European competions this season!

21 May 2022 12:03:30
love it.

20 May 2022 13:04:03
100000?More like 50000 in Seville
No arrests. A fuzzy warm atmosphere who wowed the locals say Sevco in the media Meanwhile
In the real world videos of thousands singing their vile song inside the stadium
Videos of them wowing the locals singing their vile Tiffany tune. Will their ex players plead with the orc hoards to behave and respect the locals on Saturday? Not a chance as they will be far more staunch now that uefa aren't watching. Satauday will unleash the pent up rage and anger. Stay safe.

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20 May 2022 14:09:33
The we hate catholics is a belter, so much thought went into that ditty ?.

20 May 2022 16:30:59
They must seeth when they see most of their players blessing themselves on the pitch.

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