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25 Sep 2020 18:56:12
I'm really looking forward to next Thursdays meltdown when Galatasary run riot at ibroke knocking them out Europe.

Cue all the excuses.

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25 Sep 2020 21:33:22
Im looking forward to celtic playing next thursday. Couldn't care less if rangers win or not but if we get to the group stage and they don't it will be an extra 6 games more we have to play before Xmas so would rather they were in the same situation.

25 Sep 2020 23:13:52
Don't shoot me for saying this but I think the Sevs will beat the Turks and part of me hopes we don't beat Sarajevo.
We don't need extra games in a competition that we won't win and will only cause the club bother with fixtures and the fans pain with the inevitable defeat somewhere down the line. HH.

25 Sep 2020 08:01:18
Sevco are now in a LOSE, LOSE situation now that they have qualified for the Europa league playoffs against Galatasaray.
If Sevco lose the tie they are in serious financial trouble.
If they qualify for the Europa league group stages they can say Cheerio to stopping Celtic winning 10 In A Row.
Sevco have already proved they haven’t got the squad to play the same amount of games as Celtic and be successful.
I feel the only chance they have of stopping Celtic making more history is for us to qualify for the Europa league group stages and for them to solely concentrate on the league title.

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25 Sep 2020 09:25:34
Buzz mate there obsessed and there’s obsessed 😂. We don’t need to worry about them, just watch the disappear after Xmas HH.

25 Sep 2020 10:32:24
Their domestic away form is 3 wins from 10. Only a matter of time.

25 Sep 2020 11:47:34
That statistic proves they struggle away from home and will continue to drop points.
The only time Sevco have won by more than one goal away from home domestically this calendar year, has been at Hamilton (once in the cup and once in the league) .
Apart from Hamilton you have to go back to December 2019 when they didn’t struggle in an away fixture. Sevco went away to Hibs and won 3-0.

25 Sep 2020 13:43:49
They cheated and got a penalty and then had a goal gifted to them all in the space of 5 minutes. Celtic were far too patient with their dominance last night. Even though there were 9 men in the Riga box for 85 minute last night, there were plenty of times we should have created the kind of chance that Moi eventually scored.

It's just daft to assume that last night changed anything about who is the superior team in the SPFL.

25 Sep 2020 15:10:15
To many people writing them off without realising our form has dropped dramatically. They've dropped points away to Livingston and Hibs - 2 games I wouldn't be confident going into right now.

25 Sep 2020 15:28:31
Buzz i for one hope they get thro as we have a serious chance of CL automatic qualification if we both do.
We are far more likely to win the league in the coming years than them so they could be doing us a massive favour.
Your more a statto than me but i think a couple of wins in Europa league group games could seal it for us.
Added to that i don't think they could cope with both this season which would obv help us.

25 Sep 2020 17:23:19
that's a fair point Raymundo I'm torn between them getting knocked out and qualifying to. besiktas were knocked out last night and if the sevies knock Galatasaray out that has a bad effect on turkey who sit 11th in coefficient and Scotland sits 14. hink its once you get to 12th spot that's automatic qualification.

I like to see them getting hammered like all of us but at the end of the day wee play in the same league and our teams constantly doing nothing in Europe is hurting our league badly and us moving up the coefficient will have a massive effect for the teams in our league financially maybe the likes of Aberdeen hibs Motherwell and so on can start getting into group stages of Europe to when the coefficient is in our favour and start to help them financially and attract a better player and make our league more competitive and improve it then we can start demanding more tv money

have title races were the top 4 or 5 teams are going into final 3 games of the season with 4 points separating them on a regular bases is what we should be aiming for. back when football was not about money Scottish teams were running a riot in Europe and i want that back. sadly the big tv company's have left our league behind its time wee changed it our self and to do that wee need to show up and have all our teams who are in Europe that season qualify for the groups and that will help us grow from the finances.

23 Sep 2020 19:31:57
Cracks are showing slippy pressure going up notch that garden is looking for a new gardener fat Sally and Co will meet you there.

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23 Sep 2020 20:03:57
Pressure will be even higher when they are knocked out qualifiers. If they beat Willem II there's a good chance they face Galatasary and there's no chance they will beat them.

23 Sep 2020 22:00:34
Once Celtic open up a gap towards 10 In A Row,
Slippy will jump ship claiming he was hounded out of Scottish football.

23 Sep 2020 23:08:17
Didn't Gerard make remarks criticising Scottish referees just before or after his very first game in charge of The rangers, v Aberdeen, I was a bit surprised that he didn't get pulled up about that at the time.

24 Sep 2020 06:18:30
Jeez. Is it going to be like this every time they drop points? I don't think I can take too much more of this. It is possible to die laughing you know.

23 Sep 2020 17:06:09
Claiming the ref made an error is one thing. Saying that the ref is against them and would have punished a Rangers player if the roles had been reversed is an entirely different thing.

And yet the DUP/ Sevco spokesmen is bemused and baffled by the SFA decision to charge Gerrard for a textbook example of questioning the integrity and honesty of the official.

Maybe he's genuinely just as thick as the team manager right enough.

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23 Sep 2020 17:53:41
Slippy has said the same thing plenty of times in the past including his very first Sevco game and got away with it.

23 Sep 2020 18:02:19
took them long enough to finally pull slippy up. he has been slateing refs from he came up here and his very first sevco game he accused refs of cheating and always being against rangers.

23 Sep 2020 18:34:23
Gerrard has long been known to be thick as rubbish! Like buzz said he’s been at it since he came up here! And as buzz mentioned, he said after his first game the in this country! Something along the lines of this has been happening for years to them! How the f**k would he know! Despite all their bravado and the rock solid record breaking defence, they know that they are still bottle merchants and soft as rubbish! It’s the refs fault its Porteous fault! The same fans who just before lockdown hounded slippy G! They know and we know they don’t have the baws to dethrone the champs! We’ve been piss poor and according to them they have been out of this world but still we hold the advantage! Ten will honestly ruin this mob honestly! cannot wait 😜😜.

23 Sep 2020 19:40:13
Billy Dodds is defending him as being "cute" when he stated that the ref would have treated his player in the opposite manner. Him and Dodds are as thick as each other in that case.

23 Sep 2020 20:19:16
Did anyone else notice morelos trying to kick Porteous on his way down. It was similar to what McKenna did to him couple of seasons back. Noone has mentioned it though.

23 Sep 2020 21:15:55
A different angle shows Morelos kicked out at young Porteous.
Morelos then hit the deck and done a triple roll about the turf holding his face (obviously) .

22 Sep 2020 07:59:15
A couple of weeks ago, were sevco at one stage not going to be 11 points in front?

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22 Sep 2020 08:15:23
I can see them being eight points behind in a couple of months.

22 Sep 2020 15:30:23
Bit early to be writing them off. They haven't had a bad start to the season. Dropped points at Livingston and Hibs - 2 hard away games.

22 Sep 2020 17:28:54
Considering Celtic being battered with the 2 game suspension, bang in the middle of the draw at Killie and the CL exit; We have came back very well from the 'crisis' of NL's (unsettled players) press conference, the anger of our fans, plus Media bravado and sniping.
There's a long way to go, but we are in a better position now, with our new players finding their feet and settling down and have five SPL wins in a row; while still striving to hit top form. HH.

22 Sep 2020 17:40:27
Sevco and Slippy have proved time and time again they haven’t got the bottle to win a league.
In Slippy’s first season Sevco went top for the first time at the start of December.
Their lead at the top lasted 3 days before losing at home to Aberdeen who also had Cosgrove sent off in the first half.
Sevco then beat Celtic on December 29th to go joint top but then lost their next game away to Kilmarnock.
Sevco never recovered and lost the league by 9 points that season.
Last season Sevco went top after Celtic lost 2-0 away at Livingston.
Their very next game Sevco had a 1-1 draw away to Hearts.
Again Sevco beat Celtic on December 29th to go 2 points behind but they had a game in hand.
Their 2nd game after the winter break Sevco lost away to Hearts and that was the beginning of a downward spiral because they went on to lose the league by a massive 13 points.
This season they had a great chance to go 11 points clear before Celtic were due to play our next game.
Sevco couldn’t manage it because they had a goalless draw at Livingston.
The pressure of being top of the league came back to haunt them again on Sunday when they dropped another 2 points away to Hibs to hand the initiative back to the 9 In A Row Champions Celtic.
The games above is proof that the Sevco players and management team prefer to chase Celtic because they don’t like the pressure of being top of the league.

22 Sep 2020 22:43:05
They have had the luck of the draw regarding fixtures. Home ties that they realistically were expected to win, were lucky to scrape by at Aberdeen and dropped points at Hibs and Livingston away.

They have face Motherwell, us and Kilmarnock in their next 3 scheduled away ties. I reckon they will drop at least 5 points from these games.

23 Sep 2020 10:20:00
I reckon Gerrard will want to spend more time with his family down in England and avoid all the commuting back and forth amidst C.V. lockdown this winter. Right around the time that Celtic open a seven point gap before Christmas. And while we're celebrating clinching the treble. (provided football BCD isn't halted)

22 Sep 2020 07:33:53
Remember when that lot were claiming that Itten was a far better player than Ajeti? He's no where near him, he's not even got as many goals as Shane Duffy 🤣.

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23 Sep 2020 11:58:22
I've lost count of the Rolls Royces and thoroughbreds and gazelles and all the other weird names they need to give players who string three games together without getting booed. They put millions of pound on their value one month. Then cannot wait to get rid of them next month.

21 Sep 2020 18:54:28
Been over on the sevvy pages the comedy gold is starting again.
Pre Hibs game they were slating us for beating Livi.
Our defence is crap drive a train tho it etc etc etc.
Then what happens?
Oops they drop points and they are saying exactly same thing about their own team.
They truly never learn, there is a saying that if u do the same thing over and over again and expect different result then that's stupidity.
I think it needs to be upgraded i think it makes you deluded.
There is even 1 saying they would have been demoted to bottom tier if they breached the CV protocols instead of the 30k fine we got.
Im sorry don't know where you get that idea, no team in history has ever been demoted to bottom tier in Scotland.

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21 Sep 2020 19:12:27
Raymundo they are idiots slating our defence. They had luck of the draw with teams and venues they played before they played Hibs. Hibs were first decent side they have faced and their defence leaked like a ripped carrier bag.

Our defence isn't actually as bad as they claim. 2 of the 5 goals we have conceded were penalties.

21 Sep 2020 20:03:28
Brilliant post Raymundo, well said. 👍.

22 Sep 2020 21:53:23
The sevvies played a game before getting test results for half their team and nothing was said about it after. They are just comically ignorant about their club's own flagrant disregard for protocols while claiming victimhood.

21 Sep 2020 16:06:37
Wow @ed001 not messing around with that (Muppet)
Now why would you want to hide behind another name that's why we have IP addresses.
Myself and a few others on ed@007 contact him and let him know we are having problems with our posts. You try and keep it the same so as you get recognised as a regular.
Do t want everyone to miss my great input 😜🤣🤣.

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21 Sep 2020 17:27:47
He’s well named The Muppet.
I think his new username should be Gerrardmuststay though.

21 Sep 2020 18:35:01
Hibs don't mess around either 🤣🤣🤣.

21 Sep 2020 20:56:26
So he asks a question in one name, and then answers the question using the other name, sounds like a good plan.

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