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03 Aug 2021 21:03:12
An unnamed Premier league team scouted Liam Scales tonight for shamrock Rovers tonight in Champions league game. After their scouts saw him a bid by the Premier league club has being submitted. This is the calibre of the player Celtic could get. And if we have to use DD to get this player then DD get this deal ASAP as other clubs are now on the case.

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03 Aug 2021 21:20:00
Is he a good player Paul?

03 Aug 2021 21:32:01
Yes Ken, this lad is the hotest talent in the league of Ireland at the moment. His rise to the player hasn't being unnoticed as I said ina previous post Championship teams and Premier teams have been Scouting him for some time. For Celtic to get him now would be a great addition to the squad. But we need to act now as from what I'm hearing in Ireland is there are as many of 5 Premier league teams interested in him.

03 Aug 2021 21:32:07
He is very highly rated kev and a stand out in the league. The fact a Premier league team have made a bid tells the story.

03 Aug 2021 21:32:09
Must have came over in their Delorean cause the Shamrock Rovers game is Thursday and it’s a conference league qualifier.

03 Aug 2021 21:47:26
Nobody scouted Liam Scales tonight. Shamrock Rovers don’t play until Thursday.

03 Aug 2021 21:50:04
It was last week so TB he was watched my apologies if I got the match day wrong but the bid was made today and I thought match was on today when I was reading up about it.

03 Aug 2021 22:00:09
Bhoys, I wouldn't be worrying too much about any other side coming in for Liam Scales as DD owns 25% of Shamrock Rovers.

03 Aug 2021 22:05:36
Got my dates wrong about the match guys, he was actually watched on last Friday against St Patrick's Alectic. And bid came in today. Unfortunately I only follow Cork City and we are league one at the moment. I rang a friend of mine who is big fan of league of Ireland and he said yes Celtic have made a bid but another bid from unnamed Premier league club came in today for. Any more details I get I will post it.

03 Aug 2021 22:16:51
That's what I'm saying Pedro if DD has to do the deal then do it. But some folks saying then that it's DD signing the player and not Ange. If DD has to do the deal it's good enough for me. I really don't mind who is doing deals at the moment once we get players. I'm hearing it's Ange, DOM with help from DD.

03 Aug 2021 23:31:06
That makes sense Paul, I doubt Ange or Dom will know players from the Emerald Isle as well as DD.

If the lad is good let's get him signed. I read they're talking about 500K, so the money is not an issue.

03 Aug 2021 23:54:24
Agree Pedro 100%.

04 Aug 2021 09:28:08
Would this guy get in our first team.

03 Aug 2021 16:06:12
Well that's a hart and Mccarthy double deal.

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03 Aug 2021 17:07:36
28 Days of the window left - plenty of time to put together a solid first 11 on the park.

03 Aug 2021 17:16:19
Wish Joe had Harry Kane hiding in his luggage.

03 Aug 2021 17:17:56
so 4 or 5 more signings to come then? :)

03 Aug 2021 17:20:49
Not me Ged. Can't stand him.

03 Aug 2021 17:34:18
mikeb433 - LB, RB, CB, Striker. 4 or 5 sounds about ✅.

03 Aug 2021 17:45:08
I’d take Buta, any LB who’s a upgrade on what we’ve got, Japanese CB from City, McCann of St Johnstone just incase McCarthy does pick up a injury or two, Croatian winger we’ve been linked with for a while and Nisbet of Hibs.

{Ed007's Note - Jesus wept 🤦‍♂️ Does anyone actually take time to check stuff before they post it or just repeat garbage they've seen someone else say?
Why the Hell are you saying "incase McCarthy does pick up a injury or two" when he's missed THREE games in two years at Crystal Palace through injury?}

03 Aug 2021 17:58:45
28 days of the window left Ed 😅🤣😜.

{Ed007's Note - I'm counting the minutes mate 😢😢😭

03 Aug 2021 18:23:03
Does the deal include a first aid kit.

03 Aug 2021 19:27:31
2 experienced signings we have needed, I'd of took cahill as well he is experienced enough to teach the young CBs moving forward.

Don't know anything about the Croatian lad is he any good?

Striker is urgently required.

03 Aug 2021 19:51:14
Two great signings. Give ys two fullbacks, another CB, a striker and i will be aff the valium in no time.

03 Aug 2021 20:05:41
Cahill is another free transfer, worth a punt.

03 Aug 2021 20:44:09
Let’s be honest Ed he wasn’t exactly playing week in week out at Palace. So less chance of getting a injury. Taking in to consideration the rubbish pitches in Scotland and the type of player he is (loves to put in a challenge) there’s every chance of him picking up injuries that’s why I said I’d like McCann to come in if that happens.

{Ed007's Note - Aye, whatever.}

03 Aug 2021 21:52:20
Terry McCann?

03 Aug 2021 22:17:36
I agree mcd mccann should be signed asap, would be an upgrade on soto.

03 Aug 2021 22:18:24
Sorry soro 👍👍.

03 Aug 2021 13:24:14
I'm not sure if there's much truth to this but seen one report linking chelsea centre back matt miazga with us.
He's been one of the many players that's been sent out on loan with different clubs but from what I gather he's been fairly dominant and is consistent with playing games etc.
6ft 3, 26 years old with over 20 caps for the US national team, valued at 3m. Surely something worth exploring giving our defensive situation, worth a punt in my opinion.

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03 Aug 2021 13:34:35
I remember thinking about him when he was out on loan at Vitesse who Chelsea seem loan a lot of players to. Was impressive. Haven't seen much of him since apart from bits at Reading but having just played regularly for Anderlecht he must be half decent still. For the cost he could be a great addition to the squad and possibly even partner Starfelt?

03 Aug 2021 13:38:01
Mark we definitely need another 1st choice CB to pair with Starfelt.

03 Aug 2021 15:57:24
Have to say l liked what l saw from starfelt. Ya he got caught out for the first goal but he was covering for taylor all day who was constantly out of position. The first goal was a prime example. But fully agree with need another quality CB to join him a form a solid partnership. Get Hart in behind them and then get in a LB as taylor is no where near good enough.

03 Aug 2021 17:03:14
Thrown in at the deep end Ter, Starfelt will be fine.

Agree he needs a solid partner at CB, preferably someone big and a couple of full backs to get the ball into Diego Costa upfront 😄.

03 Aug 2021 17:05:49
Ter161, I will give Starfelt time but against hearts I thought he was very poor, as I said I'll give him time and don't think people can have a full opinion until the window is shut and we know are strongest eleven.

03 Aug 2021 17:12:00
Stop it will you Pedro 😂 We can all hope lol.

03 Aug 2021 17:18:48
DD, get your wallet out.

03 Aug 2021 17:24:11
Agree pedro about Costa. Nice quite guy up front for the Derby matches. Couldn't see anything go wrong what so ever. Cmc l don't agree that starfelt was very poor but we all have a different opinion. He had no help whatsoever with him.

03 Aug 2021 17:36:18
Ter, he'd score 50 up here before Christmas, which is just as well as he'd be banned from New Year to the end of May 😆😂🤣.

03 Aug 2021 18:04:38
I had him suspended after the Derby in Dec pedro 🤣🤣🤣. Could u just imagine him here playing for celtic! 🤤🥳💣.

03 Aug 2021 21:53:12
MSM would be doing cartwheels.

03 Aug 2021 12:01:41
Just heard from a family member of James McCarthy that he has signed for Celtic. obv not a clue yet on length of the deal or wages, etc.
A great signing of we can keep him fit eh.
Wee bit of dig we are clearly missing in the engine room.

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03 Aug 2021 12:12:25
ShammyShaker, I know James is linked with us in EVERY transfer window but for obvious reasons, this window is different.

If your info is correct (and I hope it is) he'll add much needed craft and steel to our midfield.


03 Aug 2021 12:15:16
Hopefully, we need something different in there .

03 Aug 2021 12:26:57
If fit at 30 he's a great signing, but must stay fit.

03 Aug 2021 12:34:42
Really hope this is true, exactly what we need.

03 Aug 2021 12:39:30
I hope your right. He is a country mile better than what we have. I think it’s always been in his heart to sign for us, and 30 means he still has a few top flight years in him for us.

03 Aug 2021 12:43:00
Not knocking the signing because think it's a positive signing but why has it taken so long to sign a free transfer, surely this could have been done at once his contract ended.

03 Aug 2021 12:44:36
If we can get McCarthy in and sign Hart for buttons, then on paper, it's good business.

03 Aug 2021 13:22:00
McCarthy should have been signed ten years ago.

03 Aug 2021 13:37:24
Absolutely solid player. Will bring a bit of "knows what it means" to the side. Should walk the midfield when able.

03 Aug 2021 14:18:30
it depands how many games you get out of him before his next long lay off.

{Ed007's Note - Are you thinking of the right player? James McCarthy has had one serious injury in his career and that was in 2018, he played over 50 games for Crystal Palace over his 2 years there - missing only 3 games during that time with a hamstring injury.}

03 Aug 2021 15:05:45
I think Celtic were trying to put into a contract with him pay as you play. And that was a dispute with his agent on that.

03 Aug 2021 16:23:56
Having listened to the latest podcast and the stats on McCarthy given by mark I really don’t understand the “he’s always injured” patter.

First one Iv listened too and loved it, that’s me hooked I’ll be listening to them all now HH.

{Ed007's Note - Thanks very much mate 👍👍

03 Aug 2021 16:53:40
good to see that mccarthy deal over the line.

03 Aug 2021 17:14:25
If we can get Barkas out to AEK on a loan to buy and maybe get in Siegrist, perhaps a swap with Bain then that's the GK situation sorted out 👌.

03 Aug 2021 17:44:10
Good early scoop shammy 👍👍 am delighted.

03 Aug 2021 17:48:59
What a signing maybe 30 but we don’t have many experienced players and he’s played the Scottish game before. No no messing kinda guy.

03 Aug 2021 12:00:58
Being reported that Starfelt not named in the Europa League squad. No reason given as yet.

Maybe another mistake.

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03 Aug 2021 11:21:00
Does anyone know what time Harts medical is?

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03 Aug 2021 08:28:41
I’m hearing hart is getting £15k a week wages but he got 50% of the £1m transfer fee as part of the deal?

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03 Aug 2021 09:18:30
I really thought we would bring in some one better than Hart.

03 Aug 2021 09:40:19
Would have preferred a younger more agile 'keeper, as this is just delaying the issue. He can always practice free kicks with Griffiths?

03 Aug 2021 09:34:41
Out of all the feasible options out there I think Hart is one of the worst we could have went for, at least when Barkas was bought, it was thought that here was an international goalkeeper, who was at the top of his game, god knows what happened to him, but in Hart, we are getting someone who was deemed not good enough at Spurs, not good enough at Burnley, not good enough at West Ham, I hope I am wrong but I fear that this could be a worse signing than Shane Duffy, at least Duffy was only an expensive loan deal, but like Duffy, in Hart, we have signed someone only because of their past reputation.

{Ed007's Note - What other feasible options were there? Hart signed for Burnley to cover injuries to Nick Pope and Tom Heaton and was signed at Spurs as back-up to Lloris.
We signed Craig Gordon who was considering retiring because of his knees and hadn't played a game in 3 seasons.}

03 Aug 2021 10:02:22
Who could we have got that's better than Hart for the money we are paying, if you shop in the bargain basement you will usually get dross but sometimes just sometimes you get a gem. Now I can't say Hart will be dross as I haven't really seen him, but the money and wages we are paying we are hardly going to attract the best of the best. I think Hart will be a stop gap signing and although it's a 3year deal gives us time to find a better one and a chance to get rid of either Barkas or Bain or even both.

03 Aug 2021 10:20:35
Think it’s a bit rubbish that folk are already writing Hart off, the guys not even signed yet but he’s been rubbishd, but some fans are willing to take big Fraser back who is 3rd choice at Southampton. Don’t get the double standards at times.

03 Aug 2021 10:41:44
100 PL clean sheets, 4 Golden Glove awards, over 70 caps for England, 2 PL titles and a FA Cup but he's not good enough for Celtic 🙈.

03 Aug 2021 10:48:09
You have got to remember the personality/ standards and know-how that hart will bring. he will be rollicking his defence, just what we need imo.

03 Aug 2021 11:34:42
The people moaning would be the same ones that would be hailing us resigning Forster. Hart is one he'll of a keeper and the stats don't lie.

03 Aug 2021 11:52:18
BigBubs, some stats BTW 👏.

03 Aug 2021 12:01:44
I think Hart is head and shoulders above what we have. 🤣 is it ever going to get old?

03 Aug 2021 12:19:04
I think it could be a great move for both him and the club . To take a supposedly massive cut in wages to move to another country and league shows he wants to concentrate and become the keeper he used to be. For us, we get an experienced vocal goalkeeper, who’s a good shot stopper .
If we could get shot of barkas and Bain and maybe sign siegrist as the number two we are miles better off than last season.

03 Aug 2021 12:45:50
Fraser Foster is a person who betrayed us and should never be considered to represent Celtic again, whatever the circumstances.

03 Aug 2021 12:57:45
What feasable options are there? We paid 5m for a Greek tragedy last summer when our very answer to the goalkeeping situation left for hearts. You never lose your ability as a footballer, it's always there, dips in form come and go all the time but since hart left city nobody can actually say he's been at a club who gave him a sustained period and gave him confidence.

Craig gordon didn't kick a ball for over 2 years, huge question marks when he signed but his ability was rediscovered through the help of Stevie woods and I've no doubt he can help hart get back on track. He's a leader, a voice and someone who'll organise that back line which is exactly what we need at this time.

03 Aug 2021 13:29:25
We don't need a goalie who is lacking in confidence, we already have one, we don't have the time to give Stevie Woods to work on Hart, he has to be upto speed and ready to play, I would have went for the Dundee utd goalie,

03 Aug 2021 15:38:14
You would rather take the dundee united keeper over an experienced internationalist whose played at the highest level in world cups and in the champions league who can provide leadership to the rest of the defence? Come on mate don't be silly.

02 Aug 2021 21:46:19
Been confirmed medical tomorrow morning.

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02 Aug 2021 22:07:08
Heard its Hart.

02 Aug 2021 22:49:54
Hearing 15k wages. Surprised he's taken suck a big pay cut to come if true.

02 Aug 2021 23:16:21
I take that as a good sign. It means he's committed to first team football rather than seeing out his career here. I know his form has been shaky but if we get a sniff of the keeper who won 4 PL golden gloves then I'll be happy.

02 Aug 2021 23:38:22
I agree. And let's face it. He can't be worse than barkas.

02 Aug 2021 23:42:21
I've heard it's 30k plus a week as one of our higher earners, I did see a report saying 15k a week. I think personally if he's on 50k a week at Tottenham and going down to 15k is a massive drop but if it's true then fair play to him, seldom do us fans actually really find out what players wages really are.

03 Aug 2021 06:36:06
I think if he took the lower wages then its because we have offered him a 3yr deal. Imo.

03 Aug 2021 09:11:16
Hes head and shoulders above the 2 we have, I just hope he finds his form again, his stats when consistent were impressive.

Now get another 5 signed ASAP.

03 Aug 2021 10:16:22
Head and shoulders lol please tell me that was
Meant turner.

03 Aug 2021 10:27:32
It was reported that Hart was on a basic wage of £27K a week at Spurs.
Joe will get win bonuses at Celtic and hopefully more bonuses for winning silverware.

03 Aug 2021 12:28:15
Buzz the other players at Celtic will be asking what’s a win bonus.


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