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25 Jan 2021 19:07:21
If the govt gave 50,000 vax a day,
that would be 350,000 people every week. Every 4 weeks that would be 1.4 million people vaccinated. The population of Scotland in 2020 was
5.46million people. Going by the 50,000 a day being vaccinated it would take approx 16 weeks to vaccinate whole population.

26 Jan 2021 12:17:58
Iā€™m sure they were hoping to be finished for the end of June, garryowen.

25 Jan 2021 17:08:10
The sacking of Lampard at Chelsea just makes more questions about the Celtic board. Why have Celtic not delt with issues/ problems as swiftly as most professional clubs. It's a results business all managers know this loyalty only can go so far without action taking place MR Chelsea knew that and excepted it. But for some strange reason only known by the board we have STILL a manager in the position that he should never be in.

25 Jan 2021 13:52:49
We should get moving on the manager situ. we ain't getting rafa so go and get Howe in now. this season is gone and it would allow him time to see what we need. he must have decent contacts down south. and back him no more cheap options.

25 Jan 2021 14:26:31
I would take Howe personally, he did well at Bournemouth. However, what about the possibility of bringing in Frank Lampard now that he's available?

26 Jan 2021 07:11:17
Dont want howe as manager. If you'd watched any Bournemouth game in thr premier league youd understand why. I posted a few months ago about how much money he wasted on signings and how Bournemouth conceded around 350 goals in the 5/ 6 seasons they were on the premier league.

25 Jan 2021 10:51:18
Come On Celtic; the first half of the season has been a disaster.
In part due to dire circumstances, our own faults and shortcomings, poor attitude, blurred focus and other forces out-with our control.
Please don't just wallow away for the remainder of this season, in doubt, confusion and hesitation, leaving us drifting rudderless from one mess to another - or worse; waiting and hoping next season will sort itself out as this was a blip or a bad dream.
It's high time to make decisions, better, bolder decisions and give the support some optimism and a much-needed lift for the future.

If we think things are bad now, picture the scenes and sounds at the end of this term. So don't wait until then to reflect, with empty apologies and promises.
Right now it's time to be proactive and determined to make amends; restore some pride and properly prepare for next season, Even use the remainder of the transfer window to offload the malcontents, if nothing else:-
In the words of Billy Connolly,
'Dae somethin, Dae somethin! '.

25 Jan 2021 10:30:20
Lampard apparently to be relieved of his post today after a up and down season and no wins in I think 5 games.

No hanging about. Simply not good enough.

That's how things should be done.

Celtic is far to big to be play Russian roulette with.

Directors get it done.

24 Jan 2021 18:55:05
A lot of people need to go from the board down no way back from this shambles and it's up to Desmond to start it I'm talking board members to Hammond to Kennedy who by the way a think is toxic Strachan etc., am not sure if the board think there getting away with this in the season of seasons šŸ˜‚ there in for a shock no forgiveness for there negligence. Will never forgive it and certainly not renewing.

24 Jan 2021 18:29:22
If Ed's in here are saying that Celtic will not appoint a new manager in the next week our so well hell mend the club the silence had been shocking results have been shocking not even a hint to bring anyone in player wise well seasons destroyed anyway, don't worry season card renewal shortly good luck with that Glasgow Celtic absolutely shameful fans treated like mugs.

24 Jan 2021 15:40:07
I can see lawwell and the rest of the board sitting around a table pissing themselves laughing at some of the managerial targets.
All these rumours are buying them a little more time to come up with a plan, that should of been in place months ago.
Getting any manager who is not scottish, with this C.V., never mind our terrible league, is going to be a hard task.
The rebuild job as we all know is massive.
Hopefully we all get a big surprise and the club can deliver what we all want, but in this current climate it could prove to be one of the hardest sells in our modern day history.


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