02 Sep 2019 10:29:43
Man city young right back Jeremie Frimpong being linked.

1.) 02 Sep 2019
02 Sep 2019 10:55:43
On loan Kev? Surely we don't need another RB?

2.) 02 Sep 2019
02 Sep 2019 10:58:18
Saw that Kev, don't know much about the lad. I read it would be a permanent deal as well. HH.

3.) 02 Sep 2019
02 Sep 2019 11:08:07
Naw bubs buying him outright. Be 3rd choice but to develop in to 1st team player.

4.) 02 Sep 2019
02 Sep 2019 12:19:37
Some of the players we are bringing in for the development squad seem to be a higher level than ever before. Poaching players from the big clubs down England gives us a good base for our squads and can’t understand why we haven’t done this before. A great stepping stone for them all and it’s always a great idea to get involved with a club like Celtic as we prioritise profession and respect at every level.

5.) 02 Sep 2019
02 Sep 2019 12:50:58
We could be a few seasons away from having the likes of Frimpong, Henderson, Dembele, Okoflex, Possibly Roberts (Birmingham) regularly featuring in the first team who all look promising talents. Just a shame Morrison left for Bayern.

6.) 02 Sep 2019
02 Sep 2019 14:40:14
The biggest problem for these guys is actually improving when they are playing Clyde Annan Queen’s Park that isn’t preparing them for spl ready.