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15 Jul 2021 14:59:17
According to J Percy Telegraph. Ajer close to 13.5 million deal.


1.) 15 Jul 2021 15:35:39
Great piece of buisness considering only 1 year left on contract and doesn’t want to be here.

2.) 15 Jul 2021 15:49:30
I wonder of Dom is as shrewd as Peter and the deal has a nice sell on fee attached.

3.) 15 Jul 2021 16:25:29
Without a doubt it’ll have a sell on close attached.
Good business the boy doesn’t want to be at Celtic and no1 is bigger than the club.
No hard feelings was a good servant I hope he goes on to prove himself at another level like KT and VVD.

4.) 15 Jul 2021 17:48:05
Aye and considering he cannot defend 🤔.

5.) 15 Jul 2021 18:45:09
A fair amount of money bought into the club through player sales in 2021. Frimpong £11.5m, Klimala £3.5m, Bayo £1.4m, Hendry £1.75m, Ajer £13.5m. Estimated £31m before sell on fees deducted. More money to come with Christie and Eddy still likely to leave. Time to start reinvesting that into the first team now.



23 May 2021 13:54:09
Celtic have supposedly confirmed they are NOT terminating ntcham's contract.


1.) 23 May 2021 15:14:15
Did anyone seriously think they would?

2.) 23 May 2021 15:15:58
HOW 🤔.

3.) 23 May 2021 19:06:50
It’s people like yourself jonbhoy that put me off posting anything, I’m only relaying things I see online about our club incase any supporters are interested, there are so many guys on this site who reply to genuine posters with snide digs, there was no purpose or point to your reply.

4.) 23 May 2021 19:21:49
No way was this even likely to be true. Utter bollocks. He may even be revitalised by a new manager, If we ever get one.

5.) 23 May 2021 22:24:34
Why would you stop posting because I asked a question? I wasn't having a pop at anyone I just asked a question
Honestly did anyone actually believe a story that was made up on a click bait website?
Have you ever known of Celtic to terminate a players contract when they would then need to give him a payoff?

6.) 24 May 2021 00:54:11

7.) 24 May 2021 07:45:15
Awe Well LAW I stand corrected
I guess It must be time to Terminate another players contract since we do it once every 17 years.

8.) 24 May 2021 10:30:57
How long left on his deal? Hopefully we can atleast recoup what we spent on him still.

9.) 24 May 2021 13:22:06
Ntcham will be entering the last year of his contract.

10.) 24 May 2021 00:54:11

11.) 25 May 2021 12:28:44
There is a player there n ntcham. A gd player. He needs a manager who know how to get best from him. Agressive managers won't work from him. A gd manager is a people person who knows this and knows how to get the best out of any player. A manager and a clear out of the old Celtic attachments could solve all this let's see what happens.



22 May 2021 09:33:46
Releasing ntcham on a free, surely we could have got a fee . don't know if it's 100% accurate but just seen it online.


1.) 22 May 2021 10:05:38
Does he just get paid the rest of his contract or how does that work.

2.) 22 May 2021 10:48:59
Celtic have exploited a loophole in his contract. We won't have to pay ntcham anything.

3.) 22 May 2021 11:25:59
To be fair after the way he behaved with us last year and then in France not sure we would have got much for him anyway. Talented player but a brutal attitude and maybe the right step for celtic. The guy needs to have a long hard look in the mirror at himself.

4.) 22 May 2021 11:40:53
So it took up until now to " find a loophole", in a contract we drew up? aye, that makes as much sense as letting him go for free. He's still young and I can't see us doing that.

5.) 22 May 2021 15:16:12
It is probably made up pish we could still get a few million for him and we need all the money we can get at the moment.

6.) 22 May 2021 16:33:25
It’s crazy we never took the money Porto offered a couple of years ago.

7.) 22 May 2021 16:48:47
Whatever the story is, Ntcham has done himself no favours after chucking the toys oot his pram.

* downed tools before the season started
* got a last minute loan move to Marselles in January
* Manager AVS doesn't rate or want him and he leaves the club
* Marselles play Ntcham for less than 2 hours of fitba
* Contract possibly terminated by the club he was so desperate to get away from

What a warmer, he deserves everywhere gets.

8.) 22 May 2021 17:20:14
"Everything he gets" even.

9.) 22 May 2021 18:12:41
The loophole is based on his final year. So a loophole didn't exist until his final year.

10.) 22 May 2021 19:12:09
If he's been released then that is exactly what you expect from this Joke of a board.
I disagree with many of you on Ntcham. The boy is a player full stop.
On his day he's the best player in the league by a country mile.
If any of you have played the game at any level you would know how dejected someone can feel being hooked or left on the bench for a managers Favourite (regardless how P$%H they have been.
His first touch, vision and passing is better than anyone in our squad (possible bar Rogic)
No wonder the boy threw his dummy out, fed up getting over looked for absolute dross.
A good manager sees the boys character, puts an arm round him and gives him the platform an confidence to show what he's all about.

My midfield 3 would have been Soro Ntcham Tunbull.

11.) 22 May 2021 19:30:00
I wouldn't give up on Ntchan just yet, if he is staying, with a different manager, and with a midfield that no longer has to contain Scott Brown, there might be a place for him, he has the ability to fit into a fast creative setup.

12.) 22 May 2021 20:38:53
He doesn't want to play for us, he made that quite clear long ago. Get rid of him, if there is a clause where we can do it for nothing then do it. If this is true and McKay is going to use it this to me says a lot about what we are getting. He doesn't want any disruptive influence around the rebuild for the sake of a few quid, much different attitude to what we have been getting in the past. Bring it on.

13.) 22 May 2021 21:26:51
Surely we should of been able to get £2m for him? Maybe he gets a wage increase in final year and it suits us to let him leave for free rather than pay £30k per week for final year?

14.) 23 May 2021 01:45:35
Junglejaz I’ve played the game before and guess what after I was benched I worked hard proved myself EVERY game and got back in the team that’s what real players do. Not throw their toys out the pram and have a good game every so often which is the case with ntcham.

15.) 23 May 2021 11:07:25
Ntcham best player in the league? Best first touch, passing and vision bar Rogic? Jesus 😐.

16.) 24 May 2021 09:35:46
Who elee then big bubs? Put forward an argunent rather thst just a snide "jesus".

And weewhitey. Whos to say Ntcham hasn't been working hard?

Ppl just jump on this bandwagon abusing Ntcham and its doing my head in.

Hope he proves me right.



26 Apr 2021 11:24:09
Linked with Jean Pierre nsame to replace Eddie nearly 80 goals in 110 games for young boys.


1.) 26 Apr 2021 13:25:30
Take all day long!

2.) 26 Apr 2021 13:26:22
Linked and signed, as we know too well, are at different ends of the space time continuem when it comes to us. We don't have a manager, that night suggest this story is another pile of shyte. And if yes any good, doubly so.

3.) 26 Apr 2021 14:21:44
My mistake I thought this was a RUMOUR page.

4.) 26 Apr 2021 16:15:14
He's 27 I think so doesn't fit in with our usual buy to sell policy. Also wondering about the quality of the league - is that not where Ajeti made his name?

5.) 26 Apr 2021 16:24:32
Where did you hear it Kev? And all rumours are there to be discussed, argued over and finally accepted as not credible in 99% of them.

6.) 26 Apr 2021 18:49:41
He's got something like 40 goals in 59 games over this and last season.

He also has a teammate who plays on the right wing, called Moumi, get him in as well.

7.) 26 Apr 2021 18:54:20
Big Bubs, I'm kinda hoping the new guys that come in go with a policy that brings in players that play the Celtic way, win 🏆 and promote our youth.

I don't know about you, but they can stick the 'projects' up their erse.

8.) 26 Apr 2021 19:31:31
Pedro I think the buy potentially to sell on works for a club our size however for every Dembele there are sooo many failed projects. Frustrating when youngsters like K Dembele don't get a chance but we spend millions on Shved etc.

9.) 27 Apr 2021 21:03:52
I mentioned him last season I would be happy with him as No1 striker next season.

10.) 04 May 2021 01:07:05
I think it was on the Scotsman page, Anno 99% of tha story’s are whoppers and never come true and are just so we click on the page, but it’s a rumour page, so I think it’s good to fill the boys in but as soon as we post a rumour, we are talking rubbish or the guys the new bangura.




Kevpatrick's banter posts with other poster's replies to Kevpatrick's banter posts


16 Sep 2021 20:24:37
Im no going to be over the top negative wise but the worrying thing is at 2-0 I said to my missus well still lose this 4-2 Anno we grabbed a 3rd but you get wat I mean . Even with a 2 goal advantage I wasn't confident at all . on a more positive note really impressed with 3 goals away to an opponent from one of the so called top 4 European leagues .


1.) 16 Sep 2021 20:51:49
we must replace starfelt, he is the weak link. he has the rest of the defence covering for him. i hope he can come good but for now he needs to be removed from the team.

2.) 16 Sep 2021 20:54:54
Kev, when it comes to European games I wouldn't bet a quid on us if we were up 3-0. We are consistently shocking. HH.

3.) 16 Sep 2021 20:59:22
Kev, you're not going over the top, we were shyt tonight when you see that we were 2-0 up. HH.

4.) 16 Sep 2021 21:09:08
Mmm I don’t think our cbs were that bad at all tonight. Honestly but we have big gaps all over the park when defending.

5.) 16 Sep 2021 21:58:37
We lost the equaliser because Soro couldn't tackle his man. He jumped out the way of the tackle because he knew any contact and he was off. As soon as he was booked there was no point in him playing on.



26 Aug 2021 17:44:50
I wanted to compare julliens stats with other teams top defenders, stats are for UEL/ UCL only. over 2 seasons and all players are between 15-20 games . All categories are an average per 90

Jullien- headers won -6.8 . tackles 2.1.blocks 0.9 . interceptions 1.5

Harry McGuire head 2.6.tack 0.7.block 0.5.int 1.1

Pau Torres H 1.1.T 0.7.B 0.7.Int 0.6

Jules Kounde H 3.8.T 1.6.B 0.6.Int 0.8.


1.) 26 Aug 2021 18:01:53
Julien - tights ripped - 8 to 10.

2.) 26 Aug 2021 18:07:04
Jfp Anno stats urny for everyone especially auld yin’s but in the modern era they help judge how players are performing, a lot of people are obsessed with jullien flapping against dykes but wat I was tryin to show was when I’ve watched him especially in Europe I’ve seen him dominate games and to be fair if anyone knows about ripping tights it’s probably yersel 😉😉.

3.) 26 Aug 2021 18:20:08
He flapped against more than just Dykes kev. Anyone that's watched Celtic can see that. Mind this is just my opion so please don't take it personally and go in a wee huff again.

4.) 26 Aug 2021 18:28:22
Pau torres has not played 15 games in Europe.

5.) 26 Aug 2021 18:36:35
depends on the quality of your opponent how many headers or tackles you win surely.

6.) 26 Aug 2021 18:40:55
DNN he’s played 11 in UEL and I made the other 4 up with his European championship with Spain, I just picked him coz he’s a highly rated cb who clubs are chasin for big money, I was just thinking of clubs who went far in last years UEL and they made the final.

7.) 26 Aug 2021 18:44:20
No problem DC, everyone seems to say that about him flapping a lot so it must be the case I just personally don’t remember it. I’ll try not to go in too much of a huff this time just get frustrated when people don’t properly read your posts and jump on part of it.

8.) 26 Aug 2021 19:12:06
I think as you say stats don't really show the whole outlook man City won't be under anywhere near the pressure our defenders are so there stats are slightly different.

9.) 26 Aug 2021 21:21:21
Haha good man kev I was just at the wind up mate. To be honest we could have probably done with big Jullien tonight as starfelt is not looking good ATM.



21 Aug 2021 19:39:40
I'm absolutely fuming with the responses to my kyogo post, yous were actually replying to my post using the exact same things I also said in my post . I love coming on here to talk about Celtic as I don't have anyone around me who is a big Celtic supporter but yous have absolutely scunnered me with your thoughtless replies just trying to put the boot in, how can you argue with points I already made . ED you do a great job on here but don't know how you put up with half the sh#te people spout on here, I couldn't have been more positive In my post about my new hero and yous have all jumpedd onnit, how can you argue back with points I already made regarding his amazing positioning and fantastic goal record, all I was sayin was with a little luck he could have had more, get a grip guys yous are just choking for an argument.


1.) 21 Aug 2021 19:52:46
Get a grip KP, one of those fans who will find fault no matter what, put the Buckie Doon and just enjoy what you are seeing.

2.) 21 Aug 2021 19:55:24
For me u highlighted his misses, I know you never ment criticism but we are all in awe of kyogo so maybe wasn't best to point out he missed a few chances, . if he scores every shot on target he would be the messiah HH sorry if you felt ma post was offensive were all Celtic through and through 🍀🍀🍀.

3.) 21 Aug 2021 20:00:10
Wtf u banging on about you made a point and got responses with valid opinions stop greeting if you make a post looking for a response then take said points as posters opinions.

4.) 21 Aug 2021 20:08:43
A scrolled down fast to try see what the fuss was about.
All good replies and observations.

5.) 21 Aug 2021 20:09:29
Kev mate not one person slagged you of think you need to re read them.

6.) 21 Aug 2021 21:07:11
Kev if anything your reply was a bit touchy. Everyone else just offered their opinion. If those opinions reiterated yours then what's the issue?

7.) 21 Aug 2021 21:10:53

8.) 22 Aug 2021 09:09:50
Think someone going to have the fear this morning lol.



21 Aug 2021 17:54:53
Lads I've made a wee observation but please believe me it is not a negative or me berating him, I absolutely love him, everything about him, his movement, his touch, his attitude, his work rate, his passin and his finishin (even though I'm gonae say this) but has anyone else noticed wee kyogo misses the odd sitter, I've counted 7 which I would consider real chances but 3 definite sitters . Again please don't think I'm slagging him I'm definitely not it just shows how good his positioning is and imagine his tally if he'd knocked them in, I'm genuinely not being negative I'm soooooo happy with the team at the minute and especially kyogo but just a wee thing I noticed.


1.) 21 Aug 2021 18:03:26
Kev, every striker misses 'sitters' from time to time.
What's more important is that they get themselves into position to have the chance in the first place. HH.

2.) 21 Aug 2021 18:09:41
Considering he is at a new club, country and culture, I am amazed he has been this good so soon; although it's true, he has missed the odd sitter. However, his running, link-up and dragging defenders round the houses on top of the goals he has scored and assisted will do - and he will only get better, considering it's still only August.

3.) 21 Aug 2021 18:09:51
Kev, after the last year we should site back and enjoy today, the wee man Kyogo is a class act, all top players missed the fair share of chances, we are lucky to have him.

4.) 21 Aug 2021 18:14:14
A striker missing chances is better than a striker who can’t get himself into the position to score. His goal tally is impressive and his assist tally will start mounting up. Done exactly what he was asked of today I would say.

5.) 21 Aug 2021 18:27:11
Tbf you have a point on the sitters but if you look at the way he breaks a neck to get in front of his man it can’t be easy to be composed on the finish. It’s refreshing to see the effort fro out front players even eddy was chasing down today.

6.) 21 Aug 2021 18:39:40
Kyogo is different class, looking for faults you will find faults, Larsson never started this good, but his passion is infectious, when have we seen ed close down keepers and actually chase the ball in the past year, he must be shi@ing it has not flavour of the month, but also abada, wow dare I say last time seen natural 2 foot talent a Celtic park was lubo.

7.) 21 Aug 2021 18:43:02
That's it welshy. their only sitters if you get there to start with. Like dropped catches. Plenty don't even get in position to miss. Eddy was languid at times but still got in on the action.

8.) 21 Aug 2021 18:45:16
6 goals in 6 games 🤔.

9.) 21 Aug 2021 19:07:08
6 goals in 7 games, I honestly don't mind if he misses a few sitters. Keep up the record Kyogo!

10.) 21 Aug 2021 19:29:22
Did anybody actually read my post, I said everything you are all saying back to me, I reiterated his positioning was immense and I absolutely love him, it was never meant to be a negative, I just meant he’s been unlucky to have not scored more, a sitter is just a term we use for a chance Thst shoukd b converted, I wasn’t In anyway slagging him ……. He’s been a f#cjin revelation, for god sake read peoples posts properly before replying with a lot of sh$te.

11.) 21 Aug 2021 19:53:31
Time of the month kevpatrick?

12.) 21 Aug 2021 23:21:36
I scrolled through to find this post there's nothing wrong with anyones comments? I get the point you're trying to make though Kev. When them missed chances start going in we will have a job keeping hold of wee Kyogo, his value must have skyrocketed already. Brilliant piece of business done there by Ange as well as wee Abada who probably isn't getting the credit he deserves either due to Kyogos start.

13.) 21 Aug 2021 23:26:31
Are u for real 🙄see the wee thing you notice is we’ve got a really good team playing the Celtic way and destroying teams so you’re wee notices become unimportant, if you’ve nothing positive to say keep you’re wee notices tae yourself



21 Aug 2021 17:47:11
Right lads if big Juranovic comes in who's dropping ralston? I mean I know we need 2 RBs but if your picking your strongest eleven who are yous going with . I know I've been a major critic of ralston and he's completely proved me wrong which I'm happy about but I'm still picking the big Croatia 🇭🇷 💚🍀another thing I'm thinking is I genuinely think we have 6 -7 players who are capable of scoring 10 + goals, eddy, kyogo, Forrest, Abada, turnbull, rogic (current form) and cal Mac.


1.) 21 Aug 2021 18:14:23
Like today, with JF rested, I am sure we will chop and change players to suit venue and opponent and 2 players for every position is always the target of all good team. I also think there will be one or two players leaving to accommodate this new look squad.

2.) 21 Aug 2021 18:30:40
play him left back. he's more than capable.

3.) 21 Aug 2021 18:48:37
Kev, it's Ralston's Jersey to lose. He's been playing great but how they train will also be a factor and it may not happen right away but I'd expect a Croation International who has more experience, better teachnical ability and a great engine to be first choice at some point.

4.) 21 Aug 2021 18:54:03
Good points we'll made OAB2, 100%.

5.) 21 Aug 2021 23:22:02
Juranovic isn't just strictly a right back, he can effectively play further up the park too. He looks like a proper player and he needs a chance to show what he can do but based on this season's performances so far I think Ralston is our number one right back. HH.




Kevpatrick's rumour replies


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15 Aug 2021 21:10:57
Loans are a great idea if they’re used correctly, it can give you the chance of seeing how someone fits into our club or the system we are trying to play without splashing out on a huge fee first . Although I agree there’s no point in loaning someone that there is no realistic chance of signing permanently…… maybe an idea is to only use loans that have the option to buy clause In them.




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29 Jul 2021 17:34:25
Is foster not Watford’s No 1, doubt he would swap EPL for our dross if he is.




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27 Jul 2021 01:20:40
He looks good from what I’ve watched tonight but I thought bolingoli looked a player at Vienna so what ever you’s do don’t listen to me hahaha, I’m not daft enough to watch YouTube highlight reels but I watched 3 extended highlights of games he was MOTM, he’s rapid really strong and whips in a good cross but the other 70 odd games he’s played he could of been sh#te.




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24 Jul 2021 20:18:56
Buzz Bomb correct me if I’m wrong is that us linked with a fifth different RB so we are now on our 5th choice …. Not great.




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24 Jul 2021 15:41:30
I can’t guarantee what mark said was true but I believe he knows Morrison’s dad well and it was a conversation with him and he couldn’t speak highly enough about Munich. I couldn’t agree more with you about employing someone in that department, if any of these players we are losing go on to be superstars it saves us a fortune in transfer fees for mediocre players/ experiments in their positions but also we lose a fortune in what we would have got for them when eventually selling .





Kevpatrick's banter replies


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20 Sep 2021 21:34:21
Realistically fans are gonnae moan when their teams putting in poor performances and results against lesser clubs wether it’s during a transitional period or not.




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20 Sep 2021 21:20:53
Or maybe they just don’t enjoy watching their club getting beat especially by teams with a tenth of their budget.




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20 Sep 2021 17:19:10
Definitely welshy you can tell it’s the lazy questions he’s being asked after every game that scunners him. It’s been a horrible start to the league our worst in 23 years but I expected it to be honest . I just hope the Big man is up for a challenge. I think if we play with high attacking inverted fullbacks we need a solid DM to screen defence.




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18 Sep 2021 22:01:03
OAB I read your post and had a good think about the invincible season for the first time in a while, how £uckin good was that, what an achievement and we definitely wernt given the credit it really deserves, to go unbeaten in all 3 domestic competitions is just incredible, I mean a bad refereeing descion, a bad bounce or a mistake coukd lose you a cup tie or a league game a suppose . I genuinely believe that won’t be done again in my lifetime ??.




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18 Sep 2021 19:15:12
Well done Tim ??.