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01 Sep 2019 16:08:58
Wasn't it nice to see the old guard at Mordor today, Wattie, McCall, Mols etc. Delighted they got to witness that!


1.) 01 Sep 2019 16:36:08
Aye, they definitely believed the media hype lol.



01 Sep 2019 16:07:10
Good afternoon bhoys and ghirls from the North sea. One happy and extremely proud tim out here. Getting it tight this morning from a few orcs saying what they were going to do lol. The f@#kers cannot be found now! We were fantastic today. Tactics spot on, and the new bhoys were tremendous.


1.) 01 Sep 2019 16:51:49
jenny they probably jumped aff the rig. would be better than facing up to being put back in there box. lol what a day to be a tim. i am more ecstatic today i think than the day we beat hearts in the cup. you might need to come peel me aff the ceiling on tuesday or wednesday. guess work is getting dumped the morra. hail hail me wee tim pal.



09 Aug 2019 15:14:45
So guy's and girls, in light of recent events, what is a Celtic man? For me, McNeil, McStay, Burns, Scotty, Jamsie, thoughts, HH.


1.) 09 Aug 2019 16:01:12
What recent events?

2.) 09 Aug 2019 16:17:22
You’ve named a few Jenny! 👍.

3.) 09 Aug 2019 16:56:27
Bertie Auld just oozes Celtic and every time he tells some of his famous anecdotes you can feel his love and passion for the club.

4.) 09 Aug 2019 17:00:24
A 'Celtic man' is a man that supports Celtic. Sitting here, I find it quite easy to say that if I got the chance to pull on the hoops I would never want to leave. Sh*t teams, sh*t grounds, sh*t refs - I couldn't care less. Paradise, the colour, the songs, is the reason I love our club. Playing there would make up for not playing in European finals, it would make up for other players jumping ahead of me for International sides and it would certainly make up for those who would say I had no ambition. But obviously not for KT. I can't remember a reaction like this to a player leaving. And let's be honest, plenty have left. I think that's because as 'celtic men' a lot of us find it a bit confusing; coupled with the fact that KT is one of the brightest prospects to have left. KT doesn't find it confusing. And I'm open to the suggestion that if I had made pro, and played for Celtic, that I MIGHT feel differently. He's still a 'Celtic man' though. A Cltic great? Nah, not for me. A 'one club man'? Obviously not. But I have no doubt that he's a Celtic supporter.

5.) 09 Aug 2019 17:19:09
Jenny being a Celtic man doesn't mean they need to say a the club forever for me.

I got this story from Paul mcstays brother after I met him in twetcher chapel.
He was visiting the priest and my dad was doing some upholstery work for him.

Paul mcstay was leaving Celtic. He was going to juve
Tickets where booked bags were packed but at the last minute his wife changed her mind and didn't want to go.
So mcstay went back to Celtic and the Celtic board offered him a contract on reduced terms.

Anyone old enough will remember him throwing his boots and top into the jungle and saying goodbye.

Forrest was also ready to leave on freedom of contract.

Those names you have put up there are legends except Forrest who will be after the 10.

But there are plenty Celtic men or women out there that ain't legends. KT is one of them for me.

6.) 09 Aug 2019 18:19:47
Neither our previous left back nor our previous manager were Celtic men or they’d still be here and for me both are a long long way from being Celtic legends. Just watched him wearing the Arsenal (always linked to Rangers) no. 3. Gone and forgotten for me and may still have been here had the rodent not been employed to lead by example. Best wishes to both but no love lost on my part. Legend aye right.

7.) 09 Aug 2019 18:35:57
Well put, Kev. On reflection he might go down something like Dalgleish, if he's lucky. He's been in the first team for such a short time its staggering, actually.

8.) 09 Aug 2019 18:4709 Aug 2019 20:0932
@JFP1888 from what i can take from your rant, you are of the opinion Henrik Larsson is not a legend either because he wanted to test himself at a higher level as well?

9.) 09 Aug 2019 20:22:28
Total nonsense JFP.
KT is as much a Celtic man as you or me.
He's just one that got lucky enough to play for them.



13 Jul 2019 17:37:55
Just throwing a question out there lads that I've often thought about these last couple of years. If, God forbid, it went tits up this season, would PL fall on his sword and resign before being pushed. And would DD look for a buyer? Thoughts.


1.) 13 Jul 2019 19:25:14
jenny. let's wait and see. pl is spending plenty this time round. but can we ask about resignations if or when any thing bad happens. the orcs love talk like this because they think we are cracking and they are waiting to pounce. MY ARSE they couldn't pounce on a 1 legged cat. hh.

2.) 13 Jul 2019 19:43:48
Wouldn't be so much as asking for resignations, the very fact that, in my opinion, we've had ample time over the years to leave that lot in our slipstream, and for various reasons we haven't took advantage of that. My point would be, if we did fail, would he acknowledge that he has failed in his task and let us down. He is a supporter and must realise the consequences for failure this season.

3.) 13 Jul 2019 19:59:22
Jenny Fleck. Do you wake up every morning thinking the world will end today? Just asking for a friend. The most negative piece of nonsense ever to be posted on here.8 in a row, going for a quadruple treble and beast team in Scotland. Go back to bed and wake up with a more realistic outlook on life.

4.) 13 Jul 2019 20:17:52
No pal, that's probably my last thought when I wake up in the morning. I'm well aware of our wonderful achievements to date, and long may it continue. I also agree we are the best team in the country. My question was " what if". A reasonable question to ask, don't you think? Nobody knows how the season will unfold, fact! I was merely asking how our illustrious leaders would feel if it went wrong. Peace brother!

5.) 13 Jul 2019 20:18:21
Is this because sevco have spent 3mill of other people's money on a cb. Jenny if the turnbull deal had happened we'd be at 14mill come on calm doon the windows open till the end of August.

6.) 13 Jul 2019 20:20:48
PL said he would not go past 60. He is now 60. I personally think for the last few years we have been making the accounts look outstanding for DD to offload

When PL leaves that will be big shoes to fill in my opinion

Both won't go on forever be careful what you wish for Jenn.

7.) 13 Jul 2019 20:37:09
Totally agree with you Jamiebhoy. And I certainly am not wishing for him to go. Far from it. I hope he's here for years to come. My question was if our leaders would take stock if we didn't win the title this year. No Mally, couldn't give a feck what they spend pal.

8.) 13 Jul 2019 20:42:46
When you talk about leaving Sevco in our slipstream there is nothing we can do to influence their results. The only time we can influence that is when we play them and over the last 3 years or so we've generally been far stronger.
If Sevco go to Motherwell and win then you can't blame Peter Lawwell for that, no amount of money we spend will change that result. As long as we make sure that we are a stronger team than they are and win our own games then we will be fine.

9.) 13 Jul 2019 20:44:42
guys i know what jenny is thinking. but she and all of us need to forget negativity till we fail. then come on here and have a go. peter lawell has delivered 8 titles and a treble treble that failure we can't tolerate. joking. camon celtic people get in the mind frame, WE can't lose. hail hail.

10.) 13 Jul 2019 20:52:53
None of them are going before the 10 and our accounts by then will never have been better.
Jen they are in our slipstream.

11.) 13 Jul 2019 21:26:20
There's always a bit if panic on here when sevco sign a few players we just need to look after ourselves and we'll be fine. but there's no doubt they've improved.

12.) 13 Jul 2019 21:35:35
Jenny, you sound very young, you demand success, just spend as much money as possible and then some more, that's not possible, just buy players you can't afford, pay them obscene wages, just to guarantee success, and then if that doesn't work, blame Lawell, nine, ten in a row, in my opinion, means nothing, if we follow the David Murray philosophy, I would rather we built a good team that can compete at the top level in Europe, by bringing players thru the system, rather than buying in "talent" (at a huge cost) , just to win ten in a row,

13.) 13 Jul 2019 22:24:08
Lol aindoh, I wish I was. And no, I do not demand success. But I don't think it prudent to ask why a right back hasn't been brought in, knowing Lustig was coming to an end. Also we could have had a centre half in and bedded sooner than this, knowing the Boyata situation and Simo's injury proness. Aindoh, I certainly do not want our club to go down the reckless road of our foes, and buying players on huge wages guarantees nothing. Clearly you would prefer European success, as I would, but not before 10 IAR for me. I'm at the age where it's more important to me. Everyone's different.

14.) 13 Jul 2019 23:59:02
Jenny my friend you are entitled to ask whatever sort of question you want, you seem a very big supporter of Celtic and it was a decent question to ask but quite frankly I see nothing but good things coming over the next couple of seasons.

The club are in its best position ever on and off the park so for me Lawell and the rest of the backroom staff are fulfilling their tasks of ensuring our club continues to be successful.

I do believe there will come a time when Lawell and Desmond leave and hope whoever comes in continues all the great work that has been done.



11 Jul 2019 12:14:00
Lol. The Daily Ranger even got Federer down as anti Celtic. Pathetic!


1.) 11 Jul 2019 12:25:08
Seen that earlier! They really are a desperate lot honestly! Anything at all to put the boot in! It will be because he’s good buddies with slippy G before the days out! Embarrassing!

2.) 11 Jul 2019 12:47:18
Rag of a paper embarrassing.

3.) 11 Jul 2019 12:49:48
According to the media we have had blow after blow. Snubbed, Failed, etc regarding transfers. Dejavu every pre-season since they came into the top tier.

4.) 11 Jul 2019 13:42:14
It's blatant, embarrassing, and down right shocking the way the media report on Celtic and their favourites. Desperation springs to mind. I for one cannot wait to see the excuses made when Mr G-string leaves for England after winning eff all once more. Then what! Mass panic! Calls to Buck Palace . Mayhem. cannot wait.

5.) 11 Jul 2019 13:46:06
Chris union Jack from the herald also dropped a clanger.
He obviously made up a story that the manager of the Macedonia club Celtic could face next in europe, was quoted as saying he couldn't wait to play sevco and slippy in the next round.
Now why would he say that if they are not even in the same competition.
Any BS to make sevco look good.




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03 Oct 2019 18:58:23
Good looking team that. C'mon the bhoys.


{Ed007's Note - I see Lennon has taken all our advice on this one 😁



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28 Aug 2019 14:57:33
Not familiar with the name, but if he can do us a turn, he'll do for me. On another note, how much do you think Rosenberg would be willing to take for Meling? I think he'd be a cracking addition.




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27 Aug 2019 11:38:09
Come on guys. This is Celtic.
Nothing's ever straightforward lol. HH.




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21 Aug 2019 11:01:05
I feel the next 10 days in my opinion, will define our club for the next few years. I hope I'm wrong, but I feel we've left it too late to get the players in we really wanted, and will end up scrambling around. The latest on Melling doesn't give me hope, as it sounds as if Rosenberg qualify, he'll stay with them. Unless we pull a couple of rabbits out the hat, we could be in trouble. I still think we're stronger player for player than the Orcs, but it's going to be closer, of that there is no doubt. If there is indeed unrest in the dressing room, allied to poor tactical decisions, and underwhelming additions to the playing pool, it could get messy. The silence coming from parkhead is deafening, and I'd like to think we're about to announce something spectacular lol. Like I said, we have to get this right. Pete knows what's at stake, failure is unthinkable. HH.




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19 Aug 2019 22:10:42
Hopefully it's rumours. That's all we need.





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10 Oct 2019 15:52:39
You clearly condone the actions of the GB regarding pyro's ED, that's your choice mate. Clearly UEFA haven't taken anyone to town over pyro's as yet, as I'm sure you'd already know. However, if we continue, it just might be us ED.


{Ed007's Note - They won't so you can stop worrying.}



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10 Oct 2019 15:34:59
Love what the GB brings to our great club, but in my opinion they need to get a grip regarding the pyro's. UEFA will end up taking us to town if we continue. God forbid anyone ends up getting hurt.


{Ed007's Note - Who have UEFA ever took to town over pyro?}



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26 Sep 2019 21:37:58
It is crazy when you think about it. Hail hail to the bhoys.




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04 Sep 2019 13:34:21
Was thinking that myself. Love big Jozo, he's wholehearted and gets our club, but he can never go on a prolonged run of games. It's been this way for a while now and you wonder if it'll get any better for the lad.




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02 Sep 2019 15:56:28
But I thought Jake Hastie was going to stop 10IAR😂.