19 May 2022 02:47:32
I hope all you Tims will be having Frankfurters for Breakfast, I have my order in already to Mrs T lol

Oh and while we are on subject, Ramsey boasted he came to be a winner, but as Rachael from Friends would say.
He is a WEENER ha ha

Also the super dooper £100m player just COST sevco £40m.
Enjoy the qualifiers sevvies.

1.) 19 May 2022
19 May 2022 04:39:43
Agent Ramsey will have NO Friends now from Bridesmaid FC.
All of his Friends are on the East End of the City, Forever. ?.

2.) 19 May 2022
19 May 2022 05:37:20
How ironic that a player they can’t afford has cost them so much money ?.

3.) 19 May 2022
19 May 2022 07:45:01
As Boyd said he's the best player in Scotland since Gascoigne, he's been worth every penny of the £40 million they have lost to me. HH.