21 Jul 2021 12:36:50
Am I the only one who thinks Barkas deserves to be at No1?

I've heard him sing, he's quite good, I would suggest an old one from Max Bygraves as an opener- "You need hands". other suggestions welcome.

I loved our energy last nigh and seen something that was missing last season - tackles. I thought we held our own against a physical side - well done Welsh et al.

If that's the improvement Ange has made in one game then guess what?

The future's bright, the future's green and white.

1.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 12:47:46
Another song for Barkas, Oops l Did it Again.

2.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 12:53:43
I don’t think it’s his natural position 😂.

3.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 13:08:03
Ged, you're right. He filled in there as a youth and has ended up there. Probably not the only keeper in history but he had this to say:

“It’s not fun being a goalie. I don’t like it. I would have played as a central defender! I really enjoyed when I was used as a left-back during some training sessions with the national team. ”

I still don't think we've seen the best of Barkas. But sadly patience is nearly gone and I don't think we ever will. He still looks shot of confidence where even in the short time under Ange some players have gained it.

4.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 13:26:28
* how many goals does he have to lose?
* how many mistakes does he have to make?
* how many games do we need to lose points in as a result of the above before enough is enough?

For me we're already at that stage, he needs to go NOW along with Bain and the No.1 and back up GK positions should be a priority.

5.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 14:28:08
Guys while Barkas is our number one all us Celtic fans must support him, I think he is short of confidence still and all the fans getting on his back will not help him.
Fans are staying bring back Forster, but a) he does not want to come back and b) he deserted us last season
At least Barkas WANTS to be a Celtic Park.

6.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 14:37:16
We can’t go into the season living in hope that Barkas comes good. If he does he does great but it needs to be assumed he won’t.

7.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 14:54:01
Tim your joking right! Barkas is hands down the worst ever keeper I've seen in football. No we don't need to support Barkas and I won't be supporting Barkas. I have no confidence in Barkas.

8.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 15:03:21
Blinded by the light. Tim was that you with the binoculars last night.

9.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 15:23:40
Got to support the manager if he picks barkas its hardly barkas fault as long as he no1 he will have my support fans turning on him is no good. Really think the manger will be looking at a replacement tho.

10.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 15:44:27
You gain your own confidence by playing well and not making howlers which that diddy is incapable of doing, it's not something given to you.

11.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 15:46:35
To the old Traffic tune . Thers a hole in my hands and they are letting in free-kicks. letting in free-kicks.

I hope evey celtic player comes good. one more chance?

12.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 16:20:02
Tim, we all want to be at Celtic Park but it disnae mean we should get a pair of gloves and stand between the sticks 😉.

13.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 16:21:51
Bring back Ian Andrews.

14.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 16:49:34
Really sorry to slate the guy, but I have not seen him make any saves of note since we signed him and if we don't recruit a top keeper, we will repeat the frailties and bad results of last season.

15.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 19:09:52
If he likes playing left back give him a shot there we could do with the back up ha ha.

16.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 20:38:11
We lost a wall and replaced it with a wee picket fence.

{Ed007's Note - Instead of us pishing against a wall, the wall pished all over us.}

17.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 21:15:59
He should never be anywhere near Parkhead again.

18.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 21:27:57
@malky I take it you never saw Carl muggleton or Ian Andrews play for celtic.

19.) 22 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 23:14:31
What about Willie Falconer to replace Eddie.

20.) 23 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 23:53:44
Bain is the best keeper we've got.