25 Jan 2020
New image uploaded to the
Celtic Player Sightings page entitled, Hayes defensive stats

1.) 25 Jan 2020
25 Jan 2020 16:59:15
Is there a chart for how often he runs, passes or crosses the ball straight out the park?

2.) 25 Jan 2020
25 Jan 2020 17:59:25
Maybe Lennon has been watching Moneyball.

3.) 25 Jan 2020
25 Jan 2020 18:08:00
That chart doesn't take in to effect that even though hed a midfielder, he has been playing in defence while the rest have not.
Its basically trying to twist the facts to suit someone's argument.

4.) 25 Jan 2020
25 Jan 2020 18:19:12
Johnny Hayes, and I’ll say it for the umpteenth time is a nowhere near what we need! Technically awful and way out his depth! Greg Taylor while not having set the heather on fire, or should I say not had the chance must sit on that bench and think how on gods earth can I not get on that pitch!

5.) 25 Jan 2020
25 Jan 2020 20:20:41
Don't get why Hayes doesn't get a run out in his preferred position when we are short there. Johnston isn't fit enough so why not play Hayes LW and Taylor LB?