27 Apr 2022 11:15:10
Solbakken back on the radar, would be decent business even if jota signs, ship out Johnstone and is wee James the player he was.

1.) 27 Apr 2022
27 Apr 2022 17:11:15
Any idea what they want for him Mally'?

The good thing is he knows the system. However, I sometimes worry about buying players just because they tore us a new one over a leg or two. We all knoow of a few where we got burned doing that before, and we don't have to go very far back to get the names either.

As long as it is not a kings ransom. Sensei Ange seems to have an eye for a player Mally' so if he has endorsed it then given his track record I would be happy to take that punt.

Who is this Swedish LB you mentioned earlier?

2.) 27 Apr 2022
27 Apr 2022 17:49:49
I agree Stubbsie atleast he plays the same system as us so hopefully he will fit right in. And as long as Ange has targeted that player have him all day long.

3.) 27 Apr 2022
27 Apr 2022 19:29:02
Not sure stubbsie was a report a read this morn, but the boy looked a player alright.

4.) 28 Apr 2022
28 Apr 2022 09:31:35
Regardless of signing Jota I think we should be buying Solbakken. He’s near enough on par with Jota in terms of stats. I think he’s slightly better defensively but could really push for a 1st team spot and would fit into our system almost instantly.

5.) 29 Apr 2022
29 Apr 2022 12:28:18
Would like us to sign him tbf he looked a cracking player. Big, strong, tricky and knows where the goal is and presses from the front. As mentioned I'd lose MJ and keep Forrest for his last year for cover on either wing, if he can show he's worth a new deal then I'm sure Ange will sort it out.