03 Apr 2022 10:45:04

Celtic v TRIFC:

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1.) 03 Apr 2022
03 Apr 2022 10:51:16
Was the team I was expecting to start. No kyogo on the bench as many were expecting. Going for a 2-1 win giakoumakis to score.

2.) 03 Apr 2022
03 Apr 2022 10:55:57
It’s a good lineup and it was a toss up between Rogic and O’Riley to start the game.
It’s a shame that Kyogo hasn’t made the bench.
I’m expecting Bitton to come on after 70 minutes if Celtic are leading and push Calmac forward.
If Celtic are chasing the match, I would expect to see Turnbull, Abada and O’Riley all at some stage in the second half.

3.) 03 Apr 2022
03 Apr 2022 11:01:50
I'd have had O'Riley to start over rogic myself for the extra work rate then brought rogic on when they tire but that looks a good line up.

4.) 03 Apr 2022
03 Apr 2022 11:08:16
Disappointed that there is no Kyogo. Also don't think rogic should have started as we need to control midfield.

5.) 03 Apr 2022
03 Apr 2022 11:08:34
Any body who thought kyogo would have played a part are of there head.

6.) 03 Apr 2022
03 Apr 2022 11:25:49
No julien on bench or Welsh.

{Ed007's Note - I don't think we'll ever see Julien playing for Celtic again.}

7.) 03 Apr 2022
03 Apr 2022 11:44:21
Why so Ed?
Do you think he’s finished or not part of Anges greater plan?

{Ed007's Note - He's supposedly spat the dummy out and showing a poor attitude and with only a year left on his deal I can't see him being offered an extension unless he has a major change in his approach and the Club have a major change of heart.}

8.) 03 Apr 2022
03 Apr 2022 12:59:56
Thanks Ed. I didn’t know that.
Seems a mean spirited action by him considering the Clubs input into his rehabilitation.
However, shows another similarity between Ange and Stein. Big Jock never hesitated to cut down prima donnas no matter how high their profile.

{Ed007's Note - I think he thought he would walk straight back into the team when he was fit.}

9.) 03 Apr 2022
03 Apr 2022 14:11:51
Julien would have been transferred last summer if he had been fit, if he has now got a problem, he can move on, Celtic will survive without him.

10.) 04 Apr 2022
04 Apr 2022 08:17:30
We paid a lot of money for him and he'll walk for nothing. There is no question he is a quality player however Ange demands 100% commitment 100% of the time. He clearly doesn't want to or cannot do that. Shame he played well for us but we move on.