14 Nov 2019 18:48:04
Whell that's Elhamed missing the final out for 6 weeks frimpong in at the deep end.

1.) 14 Nov 2019
14 Nov 2019 20:06:29
Wee man will relish it. He could be an asset as their LB position isn’t strong and they CH Helander is as slow as treacle. Pace will terrify them.

2.) 15 Nov 2019
15 Nov 2019 06:00:44
We have the experienced Moritz Bauer to play against Sevco in the final, young Frimpong’s time will come, we need our experienced players for this game .

3.) 16 Nov 2019
16 Nov 2019 10:16:54
Ad go with frimpong he's got to learn and the lad is full of confidence plus he'll be playing against the thug Kent who is quick but he'll not beat young frimpong in a race.

4.) 16 Nov 2019
16 Nov 2019 10:32:01
Moritz Bauer for me lads for the rangers game especially. frimpong needs more time his time is coming slow down a bit.

5.) 16 Nov 2019
16 Nov 2019 20:00:14
Id be happy enough with either, just pick one and give them games in the run up.

6.) 20 Nov 2019
20 Nov 2019 22:09:18
Got to be Bauer far too big a risk throwing Frimpong in against Kent IMO. If Frimpong comes off 2nd best in that duel it may set him back a bit confidence wise.
I’d rather have him on bench and go with experience.
Good player to bring on aswell if we need a pace injection or change of shape.