04 Mar 2018 10:27:26
Is anyone else concerned about our set plays? It is almost double figures each week for corners yet I can't remember the last time we scored from one. And Nchamp getting all the freekicks? We are as ytwell just handing the ball back to the goalkeeper. Having one guy in the squad who can take a corner and free kick at this level is pretty worrying.

when he's injured or not picked we have nothing. I did notice KT was given a shot at the corners yesterday and there was a bit more quality in the corners. But who else can take a free kick? On a side note shooting is the part of his game where Nchamp really needs to improve. He has a good all round game, a good engine and he gets himself into some great positions to shoot, then delivers a pass back or something well of target. Would love to see stats on how many goals we have scored over the last 50 or 100 corners though.

1.) 04 Mar 2018
04 Mar 2018 13:31:23
Ntchams set play a are woeful and Sinclair no much better.

2.) 04 Mar 2018
04 Mar 2018 17:42:32
We are terrible at corners, free kicks and thrown ins. I remember when MON was boss and almost every corner was a goal. Even Lennon and WGS made us threats from set pieces and used them well in Europe.

Doesn’t seem like Brendan focuses on them in training as they reall are woeful. The delivery is rotten but even when it is a decent ball into the box we don’t attack the six yard box.

3.) 04 Mar 2018
04 Mar 2018 18:29:57
Whatever oor opinions on big boyata we miss him in the opposition box.

4.) 04 Mar 2018
04 Mar 2018 22:57:30
It's one (the only) thing a celtic tv America would be half decent at. Rain Man type interpretation, facts and figures for any type of outcome. Commentary would be more irritating granted (Shouting obviously) "KT BURSTING INTO AN OFFENSIVE POSITION COVERING MORE THAN 30 YARDS INTO THE FINAL 1/ 4 FOR THE 100TH TIME THIS FALL TOM" "RIGHT YOU ARE JERRY"
and so on

Wonder where we sit in the spl with corner or set play goals over the last few years? Higher than most I'd guess although the benchmark isn't too high which is no excuse. The standard most of the time from corners has been abysmal when we have a one up top and our 2nd choice striker is the only guy that can hit them. I hope for nothing when we get a corner now. I fear a **** up and a counter attack.

5.) 05 Mar 2018
05 Mar 2018 10:41:17
Brendan hasn't had an opportunity to work on attacking and defending corners and free kicks and throw ins . All season Celtic have played two games a week, which hardly gives an opportunity to prepare for the next opponents and certainly not set plays .

I think your memory of MON's team is a bit sentimental as although they may have a better scoring rate from set pieces than we currently have, they were very far from scoring from every set play .
MON 's team were full of many very tall players and others like Larsson who were exceptional in the air . We don't have as many tall players.

6.) 05 Mar 2018
05 Mar 2018 10:48:50
Been saying for a while now that our set plays are shocking! Ntcham, Sinclair are terrible and KT wasn’t much better on Saturday! I’ve lost count how many times we hit the first man from set plays! It’s like corners are an inconvenience to us by the way! Poor delivery and absolutely no aggression to get to the ball when it does make it!

How I used to love seeing Alan Thompson on a corner, with Balde, Mjalby, Sutton and Hartson all breaking there neck to get on the end of it! On Saturday we had 3 6 foot plus defenders in the box and we rarely managed to give them anything to go for in the box! I know Brendan is all for the passing game but when your having 12 corners in a match and barely getting an attempt on target from any of them then something has to be done!

7.) 05 Mar 2018
05 Mar 2018 16:44:28
Surely attacking and defending corners/ practicing set plays is a key aspect of preparing for any opposition? And in terms of not having time for improving that side of things-what about our winter break? Got to admit that since Griff got injured our dead ball options have taken a knock and Boyata was a great for a header on a corner but that aside, it would be good to see us making more of our corners in particular.

8.) 05 Mar 2018
05 Mar 2018 18:18:42
I’d have liked wee Paddy to have got half an hour against Morton but i’m sure he could make a difference against them on Sunday off the bench!

9.) 05 Mar 2018
05 Mar 2018 22:59:29
I am sure that Brendan Rodgers doesn't have his first team practising corners and set pieces just because he wants to annoy the supporters . It's more likely that B R feels that with the limited time available he has other aspects that he feels more important to work on .
Results have proven that Brendan hasn't done too badly and his coaching has got us good domestic results only 2 losses in approx 75 games.