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15 Jan 2018 17:07:23
Hopefully we get a few signings in before the end of the window, it would be great to improve the squad for Zenit, but looking to next season it'd be even better to have new players bedded in for CL qualifiers.
On the flip side getting Roberts and Rogic back to fitness will be like two new signings.

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15 Jan 2018 16:23:35
Was reading that we are interested in Jack Rodwell, on 70k a week which may hamper things, but I think this would be a fantastic signing. you heard anything ed?

{Ed007's Note - No.}

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16 Jan 2018 13:13:48
Jack Rodwell hahaha brilliant.

15 Jan 2018 14:09:47
Hi Ed just wondering how you fancied our chances of actually getting Musonda and Baker in even if it is on a short term loan initially? Think the pair could really give the team a lift, bring in a centre back and i would really fancy our chances of progressing in the Europa.

{Ed002's Note - I have no way of working out the probability of signing the players but in the case of Musonda there are a couple of English sides very keen. Poiible.}

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15 Jan 2018 09:56:44
Rumours of Musonda and Baker on loan, probably 6 month loans for 2 players who have barely played all season and Baker can't even get a game for Middlesbrough.

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15 Jan 2018 10:35:56
I wouldn't be put off by Baker having not gotten much of a game at Boro. I watched him in the Eredivisie and he looked a very talented young player. Same for Musonda from what I've seen however he looks like he lacks a bit of end product at this stage. If we've a chance to sign them properly, they come in and show they could improve us, I'm happy with that.

15 Jan 2018 12:47:27
Maybe we have a view to get them in permanently IF they do a job for us?

15 Jan 2018 15:36:36
Again if this loan transfers are all we do, and are about, the penny pinching biscuit tin mentality from the 1990s will be back and I will be raising this at the next AGM. This isn't how I expect my money to be spent.

15 Jan 2018 16:23:53
Your money?

15 Jan 2018 18:42:13
Yeah. if you count season ticket, direct shop purchases etc etc.

14 Jan 2018 19:47:27
Read quite a few times of our scouts under John Park era getting a bit of abuse.

Not saying they were world class but I think some criticism is way over the top.

I mean these guys scout a list of players for a position and then the list gets narrowed down based on cost.

It comes down to Lawwell and co, who they are willing to spend on.

You can't blame a scout if the board pick the absolute cheapest on the list for the sake of saving an extra 2-3 million.

When Rodgers came in I felt even with new scouts we would see some targets brought in of a slightly higher quality but it seems it's just same old.

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14 Jan 2018 20:59:00
Sorry but whoever put Bangura, Balde, Ciftci, Cole or Kazim-Richards at the top of their list, based on cost or not, deserved their jotters.

14 Jan 2018 23:29:21
That's kinda the whole point in what I posted. The scouts need to create a net of players.

It's not them that puts Ciftci and co at the top of the list.

That's Lawwell and co that decide who is top of the list. For example when Lewandowski and Huntelaar were fairly unknown they were on our scouting list.

board decided the 7-8mil at the time was too much money. I know Zurawski we took instead of Lewandowski.

Is that the scouts fault? it seems to me the board never seem to get criticism for this, only get praise when books are balanced but never held accountable for some of the terrible players we wasted money on.

15 Jan 2018 00:37:04
PL and the board have been heavily criticised in recent times with regards to this exact issue. But I repeat, I don’t care what the scouts were told about cost etc. the players mentioned were nowhere near good enough for our club so they need to take their share responsibility for that. Even if Carlton Cole was at the very bottom of the list it was still too high.

15 Jan 2018 00:58:10
As I said if a scout has to look at available strikers and come up with a list of say 30 players, then it's inevitable that not every player in that list is going to be a 30 goal a season striker.

If any scout could scout that accurately they could probably manage any team in the world and win the Champions League.

As I said in lists before we had the likes of Lewandowski and Huntelaar. On the same lists would have been the likes of Zurawski and Scott McDonald.

If you had the job as Scout at Real Madrid and were told you had a transfer cap of £10mil per player, is it your fault if you don't unearth the next Ronaldo on a terrible budget?

Obviously not, a scouts a job not a miracle worker. At Celtic these £3mil caps can be effective for some players but not all and the board have failed to push the boat out for that extra 2-3 players higher up these lists to make the difference.

Again Rodgers clearly said he wanted work done early in January window, just as he said he wanted a CB at start of season and didn't get one. Leaving him with Biton at the back for the CL.

Lawwell meanwhile does an easy job, it's easy to balance the books at Celtic if you hardly spend money lol. Yet he takes ridiculous bonus for doing nothing, on top of an already ridiculous salary. I think last year he took close to £2mil.

Now that makes me sound like his biggest enemy, I'm not. Overall the scouting strategy is fine but we need to up the budget to cast a bigger net and catch bigger fish.

If he wants to take huge salary and bonus imo he has to do more than just dominate an almost dead Scottish league.

15 Jan 2018 08:58:19
Did PL really take home 2m?!? That's more than Chelsea or Liverpool's CEO salary!

15 Jan 2018 10:48:46
My point Tesla is that a scout should never put forward a name when they know for a fact the guy isn’t good enough just because he’s within budget. Being within price range shouldn’t make you a target. We need a CB and Kirk Broadfoot’s within our budget, doesn’t mean he should be anywhere near a list of players we’re scouting.

15 Jan 2018 13:16:29
JimTim - his Salary is just over £1mil with bonus but he also gets ELTIP payment for us getting into the champions league which is over 800,000

So he takes between 1.8 to 2 mil each time we make CL groups. Which for a club which supposedly posts 500k profits just at times in the past. handing out an extra million to a guy for doing his job is just a joke.

Kevbhoy, I get your point. I'm just saying that regardless of what scout we have if the board continue to play it too safe then we won't see much progression. one step forward and 2 steps back.

Doesn't matter if you have Park, Congerton or anyone else. The lists will be similar as that is what the board has asked for.

15 Jan 2018 18:45:06
100% agree Tesla369.

13 Jan 2018 23:02:50
Ed tell me there's no truth in the Di Santo link.

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14 Jan 2018 08:46:20
Really hope not man.

14 Jan 2018 11:03:57
Would rather Santa.

14 Jan 2018 11:45:31
Santa turns up more.

14 Jan 2018 11:51:03
Di Santo replacement fir Dembele 😂😂😂

Read this and the comments from the big Italian turd about Jozo not being worth 8 million

Course he ain’t worth it just like VVD and John Stones ain’t worth 125 million but you pay what we ask for or look elsewhere.

14 Jan 2018 12:20:41
Another made up piece. Just look at the paper, all figments of their imaginations.

13 Jan 2018 19:34:41
Got a proper rumour page story. My old man met Peter Lawwell in a pub in St Andrews last night, said he was really busy just now with it being the transfer window. Says he's working on a few deals in and out. Obviously no going to disclose stuff to my dad, but said there would be activity! No surprise big Pedro didn't put his hand in his pocket.

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13 Jan 2018 20:16:12
NT87, aka Hoopy88, aka UJ
Pedro is in Dubai topping up his tan.

13 Jan 2018 22:12:25
Pedro was in St Andrews buddy. I've not made up that He's said anything major. So why would my old man, make up that he was there. Are you in Dubai with Pedro?

13 Jan 2018 22:12:53
Doubt Lawwell will be in Dubai Tim not at this time of year.

13 Jan 2018 22:29:56
Why anyone goes to Dubai is beyond me. Maybe a Sex in the City fan?

13 Jan 2018 22:42:21
Tim thinks he knows best.

14 Jan 2018 03:48:12
tim ALWAYS knows best.

14 Jan 2018 11:59:28
I certainly believe the bit about not buying a drink. That gives the story a persuasive truth element. Hopefully Peter, in between avoiding getting them in, was telling the truth about his schedule.

14 Jan 2018 18:00:32
Shergar was acting up so he had to get back to his table, jimmy Hoffa couldn't calm him down and lord lucan was useless.

14 Jan 2018 18:00:33
He did say Henderson was away to Bari. That seems a bizarre move for him. he'd be great for a derby or bristol city.

14 Jan 2018 19:41:01
Pedro was in my local Masonic Club tonight and said once they sell Sinclair to Wolves, move Dembele to Milan on loan and release Gordon so that he can join Ian Black at Tranent Juniors he will look to bring in a couple of new faces on loan or projects. Mind you he was rat arsed on Snakebites so I would take all of the aforementioned with a pinch of salt!

13 Jan 2018 09:45:00
Does anyone know of paddy roberts injury progress. Thanks in advance.

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13 Jan 2018 10:38:59
Bribhoy according to Brendan himself, Roberts not expected back playing until end of February, Rogic could be back end of January.

13 Jan 2018 10:41:20
He is doing light training and looks to be on course for February return.

13 Jan 2018 11:07:02
Been a real waste of money this loan deal with little return.

Hindsight obviously but surely we have a player in mind for a permanent transfer going forward

I’d love to see us go for Sebastian Giovinco - unsure of what he earns in the MLS but the kind of creative player we need for Europe.

13 Jan 2018 11:47:37
I’d imagine Paddy is the obvious choice for a permanent signing Kev.

13 Jan 2018 11:50:42
Gionvinco went to the MLS as the highest paid player at the time. He’s now been overtaken by Kaka and David Villa, but he’s on well over 100k a week.

13 Jan 2018 12:01:55
Paddy was outstanding last year and can only remember one injury he's been unlucky this year but as far as the loan we could have paid 6mill for him and he'd still be injured.

13 Jan 2018 13:18:37
Yeah but he’d be our player if he signed.

Hopefully gets back fit and well soon as we could have done with him in late December.

13 Jan 2018 17:11:48
Would absolutely love it if we used the VVD money towards securing wee Paddy.

13 Jan 2018 20:36:48
A fit on form Paddy is our best player. Hope we can secure him long term.

14 Jan 2018 12:15:36
It's been a nightmare season for the wee man considering he had virtually no pre-season preparation and this contributed to his injuries and stop-start second spell.
He has proved what he can do when fit and confident and I would be delighted if we could secure PR on a long term deal.

15 Jan 2018 03:16:19
Thanks for the above info. Hopefully we can get a bit of spark back after the winter break. All the players firing on all cylinders makes for an exciting second half to the season.

13 Jan 2018 07:48:10
A journalist, by the name of Duncan Castles, claims today, that Celtic are trying to FLOG Moussa Dembele in this window, due to needing the money in. From what he understands, the club needs the cash flow.

Is this another piece, straight out of Govan?

{Ed001's Note - Castles is a Mourinho man with his head very firmly up Jose's behind. He is nothing to do with Rangers. Most likely thing is that Mourinho is interested, hence the story.}

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13 Jan 2018 11:44:08
Just read the background on this, the articles and also opinions on the dark web.

they love it but clearly its a defection piece - they are reading this and not thinking about their own real problems.

Journalists get paid to talk and write, if they have nothing to say, they don't get pay, and they want people talking about their "opinion", as we all are now (apparently he's "highly respected" according to one of the minions.

earlier in the month he said celtic want to maximise the fee they get for him - that's not news, that's just common sense.

There's a word for people who believe stuff at face value with the facts not backing it up.

13 Jan 2018 14:01:39
Thanks for the info Ed!

{Ed001's Note - welcome mate.}

12 Jan 2018 12:54:41
Seen we are linked with a loan move for 20 year old arsenal defender Krystian Bielik. Any truth in this and has anyone seen him play and knows if he's any good?

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12 Jan 2018 13:22:27
It's bull it's all bull until u see a player with the Celtic top on being paraded at Celtic Park so until that happens don't believe a thing.

12 Jan 2018 14:30:51
never watched him play. It's never bang on but fifa has him rated as lacking pace and poor stamina 🤔. Doesn't seem like the type of cb we would be after.

12 Jan 2018 17:15:19
He is similar to Kris Ajer in than he was a sitting midfield player when Arsenal signed him and he was highly rated when they got him .

12 Jan 2018 19:13:24
If he can't get a game in that Arsenal defence it doesn't say much imo.

13 Jan 2018 00:05:24
Listen we will be lucky if f we get the boy Hendrey fae Dundee in we can't compete with these clubs for talented players but we can work with what we have.

13 Jan 2018 14:20:54
Ya saw them story too about this Krystian Bielik lad. Makes no sense to me why we would want someone firstly on loan and secondly one who can't get a game for their club. Much prefer for us to go for their lad Hendrey from Dundee. Lads got pace and is playing regularly and knows then Scottish game.


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