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17 Aug 2017 01:31:20
Stuart Armstrong signed up for the super hoops.

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16 Aug 2017 18:39:57

Celtic XI v Astana: Gordon; Lustig, Simunovic, Bitton, Tierney; Brown, Ntcham; Forrest, Rogic, Sinclair; Griffiths

Subs: De Vries, Armstrong, Benyu, Ajer, McGregor, Ralston, Miller

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16 Aug 2017 18:41:45
No Hayes is he injured or dropped?

16 Aug 2017 19:10:26
Just pish.

{Ed007's Note - Hayes is ill.}

16 Aug 2017 20:37:09
Great first half. Keep a clean sheet would be magic but what goes through Scott brown'sugar head at times.

16 Aug 2017 22:18:00
outstanding performance by the whole team. really impressed with Ntcham, the boy is going to be a huge star.
Also thought Sinclair was looking back to his best.

{Ed007's Note - Those goals will be a huge boost to Sinclair's moral at a time when he was looking lethargic and jaded.}

18 Aug 2017 09:53:08
I don't think he looked lethargic, he was putting in a shift, but he certainly was missing his touch. I was delighted he got the goals to help him get back to top form. He is vital for us.

Now if we can just get wee Paddy and possibly a CB I think I will pass oot. :)


16 Aug 2017 17:04:42
There is a rumour going round that Swansea City are looking at a £6 million pound move for Stuart Armstrong as a replacement for Sigurdsson. His head has definitely been turned after last season. What do you think.

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16 Aug 2017 17:36:54
Now a rumour that there has been a breakthrough and he's signing up.

16 Aug 2017 17:40:09
He's to sign the new deal with us in the next 48 hours, so hopefully that'll be the end of that. 🙃.

16 Aug 2017 17:42:45
I think with the money down there 6mill isn't enough, even with a good sell on clause.

16 Aug 2017 17:52:44
Looking hopeful that he is about to sign on the dotted line. If this has been sorted before tonight's game I expect SA to play a blinder now his future has been sorted.

I have to say, although I appreciate it isn't official just yet, I am absolutely delighted. I honestly think he is going to be top drawer. I think he could be one of the best midfielders we have had for a long time.

18 Aug 2017 09:54:28
Delighted to boy is signing. Top drawer and will only get better.

16 Aug 2017 16:58:17
Just seen on bookies site, pr is 1/8 to join celtic. looking like a cert to me.

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16 Aug 2017 16:54:40
big sutton is saying wee paddy is coming in.

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16 Aug 2017 16:53:47
Rogic to miss a few games towards end of August beginning September due to his inclusion in Australia squad for games against Japan and Thailand.

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18 Aug 2017 09:55:27
Aw naw. I love the big guy. When he plays we look brilliant.

16 Aug 2017 14:39:51
Expected team tonight: Gordon, Lustig, Simunovic, Bitton, Tierney, Brown, Ntcham, Rogic, Forrest, Griffiths, Sinclair.

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16 Aug 2017 15:33:58
Really nervous about Bitton playing CH tonight. Hope im wrong!

16 Aug 2017 15:48:22
Wont be far away daryl although mcgregor might get the nod over rogic.

16 Aug 2017 16:03:13
Wee McGregor will start and score Rogic on later to also score. Oh and Griff will score two.

16 Aug 2017 16:12:52
Oooft Daryl, stepping on 007's toes there 😃😉. Would have went with Ajer myself but that side should still be enough at CP. Bet of the day: Armstrong to come on and score.

16 Aug 2017 16:46:23
Have to agree lads. Bitton is a worry for me at CB. I hope l am wrong but l have said it here already. He is too slow for a pacey CF and has likes to take a touch too many when playing CB. Would prefer to see Ajer or Lustig at CB.

16 Aug 2017 17:16:34
Efe Ambrose was a bigger worry last time we played them. We've come a long way. We shouldn't be frightened of this. If we're not good enough we'll have to face that, but we should be well good enough.

17 Aug 2017 08:08:52
I was spot on bhoys, my source couldn't possibly be wrong ;) HH.

15 Aug 2017 20:46:56
A know we have all heard this but 110% we will sign someone for the deadline tonight we have 2/ 3 bids accepted and deals to be confirmed 1 will be confirmed before deadline I'm hoping its Paddy but not sure if I'm wrong I will come back on and take my medicine but this has came from someone very close to Celtic management.

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15 Aug 2017 20:51:49
Sorry guys typed that walking home from chapel didn't realise Sutton had already stated it would be Roberts a was so excited when told a typed in before reading the messages! Here's hoping but the guy that's said it will know and said the paperworks been sorted and there's nothing at all that can hold up paperwork for atleast 1 of the players.

15 Aug 2017 20:52:09
Hope u r right Campsie bhoy. Even Chris Sutton said he is going to sign tonight.

15 Aug 2017 20:53:46
Lots of stories flying about. Just need one in before 11. That's all we're asking for today.

Could've been done a little sooner right enough, it's a bit tiring.

15 Aug 2017 21:00:33
Well campsie u won't have to wait long to take your medicine! lol. hope your rite but mate 😉😉👍🏻👍🏻.

15 Aug 2017 21:21:31
What is the point in getting anybody in unless it's wee patrick7 no one else will know our system movement or there team mates so unless it is paddy 💚 Bhoy I. Not really bothering cause a total newbie will b a bombscare hh 3-0 tomorrow 💚💚💚.

{Ed007's Note - Even if Roberts - or anyone else - signs tonight don't expect him to be included in the squad for tomorrow mate.}

15 Aug 2017 21:38:52
Point is whoever will be available for second leg.

15 Aug 2017 21:57:18
Was thinking that Ed cause after tactics and movement against this lot the only Bhoy in the acendancy will b current squad but like yourself I'm expecting a 2 or 3 nil heavy pounding heart and sweaty to get it but that's what it's all about HH 💚.

15 Aug 2017 22:21:56
We are going with what we have. Just hope next Tuesday night we don't regret it.

15 Aug 2017 22:23:58
If It's Roberts he will play I'd wager. He's fit and he improves us.

15 Aug 2017 21:57:18
Was thinking that Ed cause after tactics and movement against this lot the only Bhoy in the acendancy will b current squad but like yourself I'm expecting a 2 or 3 nil heavy pounding heart and sweaty to get it but that's what it's all about HH 💚.

15 Aug 2017 22:33:17
Roberts could walk into the team - anyone else, wouldn't be included.

{Ed007's Note - As far as I know Roberts is still in Spain, you'd expect him to fly in early morning and play tomorrow - no chance.}

15 Aug 2017 22:34:35
Heard Rivaldo Coetzee has signed.

15 Aug 2017 23:24:24
I should have known it was a load of Pish when I read 110%. Not being possible to be 110% certain shoukd have tipped me of to the lack of voracity.

what lead you to this untenable level of certainty anyway? It never happened so you can grass up your 110% crap source. :)

15 Aug 2017 23:28:48
110% campsie bhoy, papers have been sorted! I definitely smell Shoite 💩💩👃🏻👃🏻🙈🙈😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

15 Aug 2017 23:45:07
I'll back Campsie up here! He's heard off some one worth posting about that we were in the mix for someone, by probably someone employed by Celtic as he stays literally a stones throw away from Lennoxtown! Unfortunately it hasn't come off. So he AND Chris Sutton for that matter aren't bullshitting. It just hasn't come off. So thank you Campsie for putting your rumour up on the Celtic Rumours page! I'm sure your prediction shall materialise in the next day or so but we have missed the deadline (and not for the first time)

15 Aug 2017 23:49:15
Great to see all the quality signing we were told by all at celtic that we were going to sign and have in for the champions league qualifies! Typical celtic with a number cheap average at best players ( city lad exception ) before anyone says anything. Russian roulette by the board again to all the celtic support. Be it on there head if this goes badly wrong for us. So annoyed with all this!

16 Aug 2017 00:54:33
I reckon we've been between a rock and a hard place when it comes to Roberts and we have had to wait to this point due to Roberts and not the Board. I'm with Ed on the fact CB wise we are short at the moment exactly the same with ST. But we've been unlucky with injuries! In a perfect world Sviatchenko wouldn't of got injured a most likely been sold then new CB would be sweet. During qualifying is a bitch but signing another CB now would leave us bloated in that position when Sviatchenko and Boyata return which is exactly what BR was brought in to trim (and trim he has) I also think folk forget how hard it was keeping LG and Moussa happy last season so I think think the chat of a 3rd ST is not wise. I mean Cifti is rank and Aitchison is young but who you going to get better for 3rd ST (if top 2 are fit there ain't even a bench position for this 3rd ST)

16 Aug 2017 04:51:49
Hands up lads was very confident on the person it came from! We all contribute to an excellent forum and it has came from someone very close to Celtic.

16 Aug 2017 17:01:48
Stick to your guns campsie! It's a rumour and banter site - no danger of hoops88 for me!

16 Aug 2017 17:29:35
Its skinnybhoy banter I miss. Gold each time.

15 Aug 2017 19:13:27
Heard a Scottish team have asked about availablity of Henderson on loan till December . Anyone heard anything . Same team seemingly interested in cifci too.

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15 Aug 2017 19:47:45
It's rangers bud haha.

15 Aug 2017 20:21:59
They couldny afford him.

15 Aug 2017 23:26:19
He should go back to Hibs and help get them 2nd.

16 Aug 2017 16:56:29
they asked about him last year before he went to hibs.

15 Aug 2017 18:35:08
Chris Sutton has just claimed live on BT that he has it on good authority Roberts will be our player, possibly even by tonight's deadline.

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15 Aug 2017 18:55:31
Just seen that myself Kevbhoy, fingers crossed.

15 Aug 2017 18:56:18
Seen that Kev, don't think he would be saying that if there was nothing in it?

15 Aug 2017 19:04:14
Yea Kev, he said he had it on good authourity that Paddy will sign before the deadline tonight.
Strange, i thought he was away with Man C.

15 Aug 2017 19:06:37
All the way to Spain and never even got on as a sub . Come on wee man get it sorted . First time poster.

15 Aug 2017 19:28:36
if he's not even a sub could he be on the way BACK TO PARADISE

Come home paddy . The Celts are Calling.

15 Aug 2017 19:31:49
See the picture wi him cupping his ears 😂😂.

15 Aug 2017 19:34:05
He was an unused sub . They got best 1-0 . When is the first flight to glesga Al even pay for it.

15 Aug 2017 19:34:59
He is in Spain so getting back to Glasgow tonight in time to sign surely isn't possible. However, could he sign remotely Ed given the modern technology available? Am I right in thinking that the only part of a deal a player would physically need to be there for is the medical? Given he's been our player for 18 months I'd doubt he'd need a stringent medical.

{Ed007's Note - Paperwork can be done by e-mail or believe it or not the fax is still used a lot in football.}

15 Aug 2017 19:36:02
Doesn't need t be here to sigh. Can do it by fax.

15 Aug 2017 19:39:28
Hope this isn't another red herring ma hert canny handle this what a lift for tomorrow night if it happens.

15 Aug 2017 19:44:54
Just saw the news too Kev. Fingers crossed that it's true and paddy in on a plane on his way back home.

15 Aug 2017 19:46:19
Jesus I hope this is true. Now to get Stuart Armstrong to sign a deal. If it is 2 years so be it. I would be absolutely delighted if we could get those two sorted. It would be the kickstart we need to get a bit of last season's momentum back.

15 Aug 2017 20:35:42
I asked you yesterday Ed if he'd sign in the next 48 hours and you said no. With 3 hours to go are you sticking with that? I think you'll be right unfortunately.

{Ed007's Note - I'll stick with that but I'll happily be wrong about it.}

15 Aug 2017 23:02:49
Reports on celtic transfer news now say paddy will not be signed tonight. Fxxk sake! Unless anyone has good news on it.

16 Aug 2017 00:01:11
I know Ed. The celtic board have once again let down the loyal and best supporters in the world. Signing one player of quality who is still raw and two average players that are spl standard! So annoyed at the minute. If this costs us they better have some answers as to why nothing happened.

{Ed007's Note - Every manager spins the same lines about getting players in early and ready for the CL qualifiers yet against Rosenborg the only new signig that started was Hayes and he onoy started because Dembele and LG were out.
I'm still confident of CL qualification though.}


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