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01 Sep 2018 15:28:48
Team for tomorrow:





COYBIG. 🍀🍀🍀👍.

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01 Sep 2018 15:45:54
Would have went with Sinclair over rogic but other than that looks the part.

01 Sep 2018 15:58:27
Johnston for Forrest, Griffiths for Eddy, Benkovic for Ajer, mulumbo on bench.

01 Sep 2018 16:11:06
Wouldn't start Rogic game is going to be frantic. Sinclair puts a shift in. Big tam last 20minutes to finish them off.

01 Sep 2018 16:31:17
I would definitely play Benkovic, he looks strong and capable. We brought him in because we need better quality. He is so play him.

01 Sep 2018 17:56:21
We'll need to be at our toughest as they'll kick everything that moves.

01 Sep 2018 17:57:10
Is this the team that you expect or have you heard this will be the team GT10?

01 Sep 2018 18:34:42
This is the Team for tomorrow Craig. Got the info late morning. I've posted the team wrong once but nothing is guaranteed.

01 Sep 2018 20:02:25
Same team as the 5-0 game. Spot on for me. Big Tam first goal.

02 Sep 2018 07:31:37
GT10 I hope it’s right, the only problem I can see it that Edouard hasn’t played for a couple of weeks. But we know what happened the last time he was chucked in. Let all hope these Bhoys step up like they normally do in these games and put that mob firmly back in there place. HH.

02 Sep 2018 08:41:41
Def same back 4 come on the hoops.

01 Sep 2018 11:22:47
This will cheer everyone up. Celtic sign Armstrong Okoflex. Remember. that guy we apparently signed months ago? Just announced today. That'll cheer everyone up about losing Dembele.

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01 Sep 2018 11:52:42
pretty cynical announcement that. They must really think we're stupid.

{Ed007's Note - Armstrong Okoflex is a 16-year-old kid that signed a contract in July that only came into force on the 1st of September. I've no idea why it was done like that - maybe some red tape to do with signing kids - but he's been training with us since we returned to pre-season training.}

01 Sep 2018 11:58:54
Maybe his contract only started today? Even so it seems a strange story to put out just after punting Dembele. He says he wants to make his debut before he's 17 and he might just get that chance if Griff and Edouard are out at the same time, which isn't unlikely.

{Ed007's Note - He's mainly plays at left wing.}

01 Sep 2018 14:16:43
No harm to the boy and I feel for him being used like this welcome to the club son. Hope you become a star with us.

01 Sep 2018 14:24:34
It seems we have a lot of highly rated young wingers. Johnston, Morgan, Okoflex and Dembele. I see Karamoko turns 16 in the next 5 months would hope we can get him signed up to a 5 year deal can see a few big clubs try poaching him.

01 Sep 2018 16:33:36
That’s my fear. Some rich barstewards stealing him. Get him signed as soon as we can. Also looking forward to seeing young Morgan. I think he will be a real asset.

01 Sep 2018 16:30:50
Young dembele plays a lot at number 10 a lot as well does he not?

01 Sep 2018 17:04:52
Has the wee man got any taller?

01 Sep 2018 08:11:50
Someone is going to have to explain to me why we didn't sell Boyata for £9m and then reinvest in someone who actually wants to play for us. We will lose him for nowt next year and he is not as good as he thinks he is. Stupid decision as I'm certain if our scouts did their job we could get a decent CB for £5m or so. One of several bad decisions this window. They aren't great but will win most of their games and the game on Sunday is a must win to put down a marker.

{Ed002's Note - A good CB has arrived on loan.}

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01 Sep 2018 09:06:08
Emanuel emenike is a free agent might be worth a punt big burly striker could do Us a turn as cover fir Griffiths and eddy.

01 Sep 2018 09:44:44
Chink67 I think that the plan could have been to get through the qualifiers then punt him.
We needed him for they games and the manager knew it.
The gaffer expected him to be a professional and if he had I've no doubt we'd have qualified.

01 Sep 2018 11:06:23
Heaney, Eminike is a good player but do you know if he has calmed down with age? Seem to remember he was a bit of a bam on and off the field.

01 Sep 2018 11:57:29
Lacina Traore is also unattached and guiseppe Rossi but he was always injured.

01 Sep 2018 12:04:23
He’s 31 now think he would be sound enough as cover but don’t think Rodgers would mind a challenge as long as he can still put the ball in the net.

01 Sep 2018 09:19:19
How do we know he is a good CB ed? let's face it, he got a move to leicester for a huge fee, but he is very young with very little experience. Ajer and hendry are bomb scares together and now we are relying on an unknown and boyata, a player who does not want to be here. Rodgers must be gutted. Is it just me or does anyone else see that we are going backwards? The morale and harmony in the squad can't be great after the exploits of boyata and dembele. Forgive the negativity but a 22yr unknown Cb on loan and a 31yr freebie that no one else wanted just won't do it for me. ☘HH.

{Ed002's Note - Filip Benković picked Leicester over Borussia Dortmund, Inter Milan and Chelsea with Spurs also showing an interest. He may well be unknown to you but he is well respected in the game. I hope he fails miserably at Celtic so you are not disappointed.}

01 Sep 2018 13:27:06
The CB has been chased by some big clubs including ours for years and the free that no one wanted was signing foe Swansea till we approach him.

01 Sep 2018 13:43:30
Just because he was linked to various clubs does not reflect his ability, he may well have potential but we don't need potential, we need ability particularly at the back! The fact he picked leicester over the clubs you mentioned ed tells me that he lacks ambition and favours money, dortmund would have been a great place for him to go! Or maybe these clubs you mentioned are just media hype. Anyway ed I ask again how do we know he is any good and not just another experiment? Please try and reply without being sarcastic. We all know we can't afford to have another experiment at the back. ☘HH.

{Ed002's Note - Just forget it then. Try the approach of screaming vile abuse at him and start up a hate group on Facebook and force him out of the club. I truly hope he fails completely and loses Celtic multiple games to keep you happy.}

01 Sep 2018 13:51:30
I think the boy looks brilliant. I would play him tomorrow with Boyata. The only downer is he will leave before our CK qualifiers next season.

01 Sep 2018 13:58:30
For years kev, really? And we stole a 31 yr freebie from swansea, lol I should think so! Look I am just a bit concerned about where we are going and the signings we are making, like many fans I am not convinced. We are weaker than we were, no doubt about it. We lost armstrong, dembele and roberts who were first picks. Our defence is poor and we go out and get a freebie from killie, an unknown cb on loan, 2 young boys who are far from first team material and a LB who we punted a year ago. Forgive me for not being ecstatic. ☘HH.

01 Sep 2018 14:27:55
Benkovic is a coup the board done well in that respect to get him here. Him Boyata and Ajer at the back will tear it up this season.

01 Sep 2018 14:27:56
Benkovic will be or is the best CB at our club make no mistake this boy is a great player watch and see.

01 Sep 2018 14:29:41
Would you rather we go out and sign 14 players who are not in our league.

01 Sep 2018 15:17:56
No marco, but their two centre halfs would walk into our team. ☘HH.

01 Sep 2018 15:56:18
he has to be a troll 😂 Benkovic is a fantastic signing and hopefully will bring the best out of Jozo as well. 4 solid centre halves in the squad, until big Starvin Marvin comes in and plays a sweeper as part of a one man defence. Solid.

01 Sep 2018 16:33:50
Armstrong and Roberts first picks?
Guess you didn't watch us last season
Both where on bench when fit.
Both CBs would walk in to our team?
I smell 💩💩💩💩💩.

01 Sep 2018 17:10:39
Is that supposed to be light hearted kev? ☘HH.

01 Sep 2018 18:19:54
Goldson and there other CH are rotten they are terrible under pressure and have no pace we will take 3 or 4 off them and I’m willing to wager you on that and I never bet.

01 Sep 2018 00:11:10
Well that's honestly the worst transfer window I can ever recall and I think the fallout is going to rumble on for a long time. Big thanks to Ed002 for putting up with us today and keeping us in the loop and best wishes to Ed007 and the family, hope all is as well as can be expected.

{Ed002's Note - Thanks Kev.}

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01 Sep 2018 00:00:07
I note Caulker has parted company with Dundee. He was recommended to them by Brendan. Plenty of Celts thought it was designed to line him up for a move to us. Possible?

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01 Sep 2018 00:06:42
Don’t think we really need him now Benkovic has came in and Boyata obviously hasn’t left.

01 Sep 2018 00:36:40
I'd take him in a heartbeat. BR described as "someone who you would take to war with you. " Maybe the loyalty the dressing room and BR is needing.

01 Sep 2018 01:04:51
Surely boyata needs to explain what happened now and issue an apology. It's long overdue, I'm not wanting him to play again but for squad harmony surely he has to publicly say sorry.

01 Sep 2018 01:44:52
Can we still sign free agents.

01 Sep 2018 07:12:30
Definitely take him. We need as much cover as possible at CB.

01 Sep 2018 09:46:19
Has he been freed? Didn't they knock back a fair sized bit in January?

01 Sep 2018 10:02:07
Feck Boyata’s explanation. It’s Lawell who should be talking. It’s that dithering, cheapskate, worst negotiator twit who should be called to the witness box.

Whatever we got for Moussa will be straight into his bonus pot. It certainly won’t be spent on players. He is a disgrace and he should resign.

From a double treble, to out of the CL, McGinn debacle, to losing our main striker. Go now Lawell. You’re a coward.

01 Sep 2018 10:13:31
Negotiated himself out I read. Ben arfa and nasri are on free list as well.

01 Sep 2018 10:57:38
Nasri? You must be kidding there's been enough trouble in the dressing room for one season 😂.

31 Aug 2018 23:41:06
Well that is bencovic just announced so no way we will be gett My anyone else. Let's hope griffiths and Eduardo don't break down a lot and stay fit.

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31 Aug 2018 23:43:16
Griffiths is more injury prone than Dembele.

31 Aug 2018 23:49:32
Sold up the river again. We should have had players on stand by waiting to come in but now left with 2 injury prone strikers well definitely 1. can't beleave they think it's okay no to have a back up to dembele leaving.

01 Sep 2018 01:22:00
I think br sees christie as back up striker. I wuite liked what i seen of him on thursday and given time he will settle in after being bounced out on loan for so long.

01 Sep 2018 07:34:23
Dembele has to go. He only played about 45% of games last year, to get £20m is superb. We won the league, comfortably, in BRs first season with only two strikers and had to play Forrest up front, at least we have Christie now. A bit more of a target to hit than Forrest! Not the answer but at least we have an option.

The doom and gloom surrounding the club is just want the media are wanting us to believe. Especially with the “resurgence” of the Rangers. They have improved, definitely, however they aren’t a good team. Let’s be honest, it’s only ours to lose.

Rodgers should know they will come out all guns blazing, Jack or Arfield will batter Brown in the first 5 mins etc. If he doesn’t then I will be disappointed however Celtic haven’t let us down in a big domestic game in his time. So let’s get behind him and show him our trust.

01 Sep 2018 07:55:46
Dembeles gone - bye. I seen so many greats at parkheid, and they all moved on,

my gripe is a good manager and structure are able to avoid unrest and buy EARLY so players can bed in.

WE always seem to leave it late and too late in this case to buy another striker. I think the days of marquee signings are over. So with Griff just fit again and Ed unfit at the moment - shall we play Biton up front?

We will still win the league - not worried but our issues are institutional and we need to change this mentality or we will never be more than we are.

01 Sep 2018 11:16:09
What happened to not selling Moussa unless we had a replacement? So we sold Armstrong didn't replace him (attacking wise) Didn't replace Roberts, Didn't replace Dembele, Didn't get the RB we've needed for 2 seasons. Kept Boyata who is on an expiring contract and just got in loans and free agents. What a terrible window and a way to try throw away all the success that's been built over the past 2 seasons. If we wasn't short of ideas already we sure are now. We're only an injury away from a crisis up front. Can't stand another season of seeing a makeshift striker, Forrest trying to play as a striker when he's probably one the worst finishers we have in attack. Did we even manage to clear out any of the deadwood that'll be picking up a wage without ever playing? What has the board been doing in this window! Where has all the money gone? Absolute shambles! We best get £10m to strengthen in Jan.

01 Sep 2018 12:17:25
If he sees Christie as capable of replacing Dembelke we really are fecked.

31 Aug 2018 22:22:52
Ed002 read a few of your responses today bang on the money no bull just facts just like 007. Sites a credit to all you Ed’s great work 👍.

{Ed002's Note - Thanks.}

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31 Aug 2018 23:25:30
Hail hail a mean here here.

01 Sep 2018 05:03:00
Job well done Ed thank you.

31 Aug 2018 21:42:13
Any offers for Boyata? All interest gone away?

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31 Aug 2018 21:52:12

Might as well sell him and throw in KT and Ntcham too.

This is the most disgusted I have ever been as a Celtic fan.

31 Aug 2018 22:20:24
Well I’m sure if u have a ticket I can get rid of it for you. Pure riddy some of the rubbish being spouted.
Edouard was signed at the start of the window as Dembelle replacement all this talk of it’s late in the window blah blah blah is bull it wa always about getting the right fee for him. Yes the last 2 days hasn’t been handled great but I’m sure if Lyon had started at £20m+ it would’ve been done in a flash. He goes with my best wishes (and I’m glad it’s now don’t want unhappy players) but no player is bigger than the club. We move on it’s time to forget the way we feel about the board or rubbish behind the scenes it’s time to get back to why we’re all here in the 1st place supporting the TEAM. Let’s give these manky persons a right doing on Sunday and let that scouser know exactly what he’s walked into.
Glasgow’s green and white this is our city.

31 Aug 2018 22:20:29
Niall it’s not that bad we Can still sign free agents when the window closes😎.

31 Aug 2018 22:24:31
It is definitely the worst transfer window in last 5-6 year. Sell our best player and no replacement. Ok we got a cb on loan. But c'mon are the board trying to let rangers win the league. We could of had a replacement for dembele lined up no bother and a replacement for boyata as well lined up. We could have brought in nearly 30 million selling these 2 and even spent 15 million on replacements and board would have 15 million extra now we have lost our best player with no replacement and a huffy defender that will just slate the club to anyone that asks him when sold. Great transfer window 👌.

31 Aug 2018 22:37:19
Welshy. Agree . Draw line. Move on . COYBIG. 🍀🍀🍀.

31 Aug 2018 23:04:40
thank jebus for welshbhoy. How do you manage to keep your mind so limber?

Not enough money for Dembele with 2 years to go, but Rodgers _obviously_ cut the moose loose. I'm worried that sets a precedent: make waves and you get what you want. What a tantrum. and a real setback.

we ought to have about 40M to throw at the right player now, LOL. Iniesta to have a last minute rethink?

31 Aug 2018 23:14:44
5 or 6 decades more like. A complete self inflicted shambles. We need men to lead the club, not people who at a challenge with fear and worry. Life’s a risk, I would much rather we went down fighting like feck than die on our knees.

Stand fecking up Celtic, throw a barsteward pinch!

31 Aug 2018 23:28:32
Dry your eyes we are a feeder club now, players come and go, we may never qualify for the champions league again, because of the set up and the fact when we get a great player they will be off after a couple of years so no chance of building a team, I hate it as well but it's the reality.

31 Aug 2018 23:39:15
The season before dembelle came in griff score 40+ goals that year. Edourde is imo a better all round player than dembelle. Dembelle has his firness issues so 20 million. Bon voyage big man, cheers for the memorys.

31 Aug 2018 23:42:34
Welshy I agree what you’re saying about backing the team (it’s a shame the board don’t share the same view) however BR said this week he needs 3 strikers. I’m happy with Griff and Edouard but I pray to god they stay fit and healthy which has been an issue for them both recently. That’s the reason Lawwell and the board get away with shortchanging the fans year after year. They know our loyalty will never go away. We will NEVER turn our back on our beloved Glasgow Celtic. We will continue to turn it week in week out. We will continue to buy merchandise and support our club because it’s in our DNA to do so and I feel the board are very well aware of this and that is why year on year despite CL revenue and incoming transfer fees very little is invested in the team. Despite this I will continue to support Brendan and the Bhoys 💚🍀.

31 Aug 2018 23:48:33

Do you remember last season when we had 3 strikers? At times we struggled to keep more than 1 fit and both Eddy and Griff have already been injured this season and we are only 10 games in.

BR said himself with the number of games we play we need 3 strikers.

I’m not bothered about Dembele going but we are now significantly weaker than last season with the guys we have lost and with Sevco getting stronger we have a real fight on our hands for title number 8.

31 Aug 2018 21:31:17
Club have just released a statement to say we've accepted a Bid for Dembelle. No mention of the club who made the bid.

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31 Aug 2018 21:41:18
Statement says LYON and wishes him well there

No loan back as far as I can see.

31 Aug 2018 21:44:38
Aye it does, says it's Lyon.

31 Aug 2018 23:05:50
Why would you want to loan back a coiynt that threw a tantrum to get away?

31 Aug 2018 23:33:19
Because he skelos. That’s why. Because he has played for us and given us all great memories. That’s why. I hate it when fans turn against players who have been great for us. He has made a can’t if it by going in a strop
But he’s 22. Good luck Moussa thanks for skeloing the people in our behalf.

01 Sep 2018 00:06:43
Whatever he has done previously, the way he disrespected the manager like that on the eve of a big game shows his true character to me.

He was given a platform, adulation and an opportunity here but to force a move in that way I say good riddance. Credit to the manager for showing strength in getting him out the door quickly, he's only been here 2 years n joins the likes of van hooijdonk, Di canio and cadete nothing more than a mercenary, nice while it lasted but history will show he ranks fairly low in the list of great recent celtic strikers.

Disappointed we couldn't get in a 3rd for back up but I guess Christie now gets his chance.

01 Sep 2018 09:37:05
The difference between Dembélé and the 3 amigos was the trophy count. Dembele helped us be successful, 6 trophies, 2 CL qualifications. The DiCanio, Cadete and PvH managed 1 medal between them! Can’t blame a guy for wanting a fresh challenge back in his homeland where he will earn more money, increase his international prospects and play at a considerably higher level than we could offer. Agreed it could have been handled better but this day was always going to come. The big man gave some of some most memeorable goals and performances I’ve seen as a Celtic supporter so let’s appreciaye what he did contribute over the 2 years he was here.

01 Sep 2018 10:32:23
Point taken about his youth, MP. Just sorely disappointed with the bloke. I also think its clear that he was sold for disciplinary reasons at below market value.
If so, the idea of loaning him back was always risible: BR wanted him as far away from the team as possible.

01 Sep 2018 17:16:36
I was gutted with it too. He let himself down. And us and there was no need for it. I won’t forget what he brought though. And if Lawell let’s us spend any of the £20m on quality he will have funded players Lawells arse of the CL put in peril.

Lawell is the real villain. No planning for his replacement. No replacement. Just no fecking planning at all.

We are where we are because of Lawell. Moussa is a symptom of how complacency and abject failure in attracting players leads to players who want to move on can’t because we have, and by we, I mean Lawell, dors jack apart from let his PR team paint him as a hero

He’s been holding us back for years, but pulls out a fecking commercial deal and he walks on water.
The truth is, every time we need to step up, he sinks like a stone. Every time.

31 Aug 2018 21:01:49
Has the Benkovic deal been confirmed?

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31 Aug 2018 21:13:49
Just asked the same thing.

31 Aug 2018 21:26:00
Yeah this afternoon on the bbc. Nothing on Dembele tho so i dunno where all the sources that he is away are.

31 Aug 2018 21:40:40
Official site and br press release.

31 Aug 2018 21:43:38
It's not on the Celtic website to can't be confirmed.

31 Aug 2018 22:27:30
I’m not sure if it’s been confirmed yet there’s nothing on the Celtic website or ssn. I hope it’s confirmed it’s been an embarrassing transfer window.


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