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22 May 2017 23:02:11



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23 May 2017 00:31:54
It's been blocked Ed, was it the planning permission for the hotel complex?

{Ed007's Note - Aye mate, I don't know why it's not coming up, the link still works for me.}

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23 May 2017 00:35:08
Sorry Ed, didn't paste the whole link. Monday night Gin affects me a wee bit!

{Ed007's Note - It's amazing the amount of folk that drink gin now. Ed002's been a connoisseur for years and knows her stuff, expensive stuff right enough. It's not something I ever drank but I remember tasting it when I was about 13 and my mate stole his mams lol}

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23 May 2017 01:01:53
Only 'discovered' Gin a couple of years ago. I'm a Malt man but malt is too good to scoop in big drams. A nice Gin and Tonic goes down a treat. Some Gins are more expensive than good malts nowadays though!
Monday night drinking isn't as sad as it seems, I was on shift all weekend so I've just moved it on!

{Ed007's Note - Working shifts is a nightmare man, I used to be coming in off nightshift with a bottle of wine and a few cans playing video games when the wife was getting ready to go out to work. She'd phone during her break and I'd be dancing about the living in my boxers with the Rebs on full blast.}

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23 May 2017 01:28:58
Superb Ed, I'm much the same. I've got a ragin hun living next door so the rebs come on now and again just to annoy him! I'm wide awake the now but I'll crash and burn In an instant Lol!

{Ed007's Note - My neighbours used to get the barbecue and beers out lol

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23 May 2017 12:38:37
ED007 I am not getting link up either. Have they turned down our applications for hotel etc.

{Ed007's Note - It's been set to private, Tim for some reason. It's just the application for planning permission for the hotel, new ticket office and museum.}

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23 May 2017 16:12:00
It's amazing how w got from a planning application to gin, only on our site, absolutely brilliant lol.

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23 May 2017 17:57:56
I can get the link up.

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23 May 2017 19:09:33
tony2bhoy: Did you get the pills for that. lol.

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23 May 2017 19:59:44
Lol Peter if so tony where did you get them :-P.

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23 May 2017 20:23:53
I just copied and passed the full link that Ed released on to google.

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22 May 2017 18:39:26
Hi Ed, Although it come from one of the hit whoring sites is there any truth we are interested in Steuas Ovidiu Popescu?

{Ed007's Note - We've scouted him but Steaua owner George Becali has put an unrealistic price of 10 million Euros on Popescu who is a very, very average player.}

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22 May 2017 17:57:11
Looks like we have missed out on Onyeroku, he is in talks with Arsenal.
To be honest, I think we dodged a bullet there, he sounds the type to be disruptive in the dressing room.

{Ed007's Note - I find that a bit strange as any move to the EPL would mean he will need to be loaned out as he won't qualify for a work permit. And remember it's SLY reporting it.....

Ed002 - Henry Onyekuru has had a number of options presented to him and has held discussions with several sides with the permission of Eupen. It looked like his options would be limited to Celtic or mainland European clubs such as Club Brugge, Anderlecht and Borussia Monchengladbach as a move to England with any of the interested sides (Everton, Southampton or West Ham) would mean that he would need to be sent out on loan. That has not deterred offers but without paying significantly more than the asking price and making an outrageous wage offer a move to England is less likely. Anderlecht have negotiated what will be an acceptable deal but there is no agreement at this time.}

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22 May 2017 17:49:27
Danny Ings? Would you take a punt?

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22 May 2017 18:03:50
Sky sports reporting that the boy Henry that we were linked with is in talks with Arsenal.

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21 May 2017 16:44:43
Ed-in your opinion is signing wee Paddy a possibility or a pipe dream? ☘️.

{Ed007's Note - It's definitely a possibility.}

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21 May 2017 17:54:26
I would be absolutely delighted if we could. I heard his interview today on the radio on my way home and the interviewer asked him three times if he was staying. He answered "Who knows in football". He went on to thank the fans and sounded like he was choking a little. I took it as a farewell sort of thank you, but maybe the kid was just emotional at what he and his teammates had just achieved.

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21 May 2017 21:03:04
I would like to thank the EDs for all their work on this site love it. We will b very lucky to get Paddy Roberts back he has been quality on and off the park for such a young man he sounds as if he loves it here he just loves playing football I just hope that he finds that here again next year HH.

{Ed007's Note - Thank you, Rich, you're very welcome.}

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22 May 2017 09:59:54
Paddy would be our best signing from the king absolute class.

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22 May 2017 18:39:54
Absolute must of a signing n be it 6_8 million he is well worth it n his value will only soar. Paddy Sinclair n Rogic/ armstrong in that attack 3 is just dynamite n the longer the chosen 3 (depends where Brendan plays Armstrong n rogics fitness but Armstrong is a first team pick be it in that 3 or as partner to Broony)
, The longer the play together they will just become deadlier n deadlier, always improving, always learning.
Brendan certainly won't be slacking or letting anyone else slack, trebles could be a regular thing the way our team is steam rollering every other team n we will just continue to improve n add more quality. Sure we may well sell a few here n there but we will bring in the same or similar type quality, certainly since pl let go of managerial duties Brendan has been allowed to bring in two top players in moussa n scotty, Gambia has been decent, kolos experience n form helped early on but i think he's been a good influence in the dressing room. Devries, not the best signing, however I'm sure that position will get another look as i feel we need better.
However fantastic first season for Brendan, he has done an outstanding job in all facets of the club n i can't wait to be celebrating that treble, as always with Celtic we win trophies and do our talking on the park.
Here we go 10 in a row.

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19 May 2017 22:24:59
Are the press having a laugh linking us with signing Marley Watkins? He wouldn't even get on the bench for our reserves! Only a few seasons ago he couldn't get a game for Inverness 😂! The press in Scotland are a real farce 😂!

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19 May 2017 17:11:36
Heard we are linked with Daniel Bachmann from stoke young Austrian keeper any one heard anything on this?

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19 May 2017 15:03:28
some of the other sites saying we've made a bid to city for the pemanent transfer of wee paddy!
hope its true 6.8mil.

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19 May 2017 15:17:11
I read the above as well.
Ed - any truth in it do you think? And if the answer is yes, do you think it's a goer? Thanks.

{Ed007's Note - It seems plausible enough, City would definitely be interested in doing a deal at that price.}

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19 May 2017 15:28:30
please please please!

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19 May 2017 15:53:43
£6.8m what a bargain, Man City might need to have a sell on fee, they need the money. 😉😉.

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19 May 2017 15:57:01
Given that BR has said he wants 2 quality players in, if PR is 1 of them on a long term deal, that's us off to a great start at least, and we don't have to worry about giving him time to bed in . Lol.

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19 May 2017 16:07:02
Some blogger/ writer has said it, we offered 6.8m with 25% sell on fee! If true do u think it's value for money ED? Hope it is true right enough but I'm not sure we'd pay that for him. hope I'm wrong but lol.

{Ed007's Note - I think it's a bit steep but I'm sure City could get more from another English club for him.}

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19 May 2017 16:19:29
Ed, It's interesting that Paddy has been starting games more frequently. Maybe that tells it's own story, Possibly BR and Paddy know more than they are letting on. here's hoping!

{Ed007's Note - Hopefully it means that Rodgers knows Forrest ain't the answer on the RW.}

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19 May 2017 16:24:55
Sinclair on the left Paddy on the right next season. what a thought. Having guys like this speak so highly about our club can only do us good trying to entice future targets imo.

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19 May 2017 16:21:25
its that arse phil who said there's been a 6.8m bid, so i'll take that with a pinch of salt, the guy lives in his own wee fantasy world.

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19 May 2017 16:34:55
Thanks Ed.
If this is the case, I think it would be fantastic! Potentially, it's heavily offset if van Dyjk moves. So that would be a net outlay of a little over a million for our top target.
Keeping my fingers crossed now!

{Ed007's Note - That's a good point, Andy, I never thought about it like that.}

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19 May 2017 16:41:47
I think you could be right there Stan. The only real reason I could see for BR playing Forrest over Roberts earlier on was that Forrest was actually our player. That change could well mean that something has been in the pipeline.

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19 May 2017 16:59:29
Let's hope so JT.

Reading lot's of comments regarding Paddys interview last night i think himself, BR and the club in general are correct to keep quiet until anything is done. Give the press nothing!

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19 May 2017 20:33:41
I noticed in his interview when asked he said "i won't say anything right now" maybe they are tying the loose end up and it will be announced before the final next week along with Armstrong signing his new deal.
That would be some great news going into the summer.

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19 May 2017 21:20:55
Jonnhoy - that would be unreal!

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20 May 2017 06:08:10
Would love to see Paddy stay but ultimately it's down to the boy himself. He's already stated he wants to fight for a place in the City squad and he's good enough. The problem for Paddy though is he will have a monumetous fight to even be a squad player with the funds City will have this summer. His other option would be to go to another mid to low table premiership side which in itself would show a lack of ambition but could bring him big money. I definitely think his best option is to sign for us and have a great couple of seasons winning Leagues and Trophies and getting good CL exposure. Could be a win win all round as his stock goes up and we then sell him to one of the top Premiership/ European teams for a big fee.
The boy is class but he has the capability to be really world class and Brendan is the perfect manager to get him there.

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20 May 2017 17:11:21
Roberts starting most games could be because Both he and Rodgers know the pressure is off Roberts as he is definitely not staying .
I really hope that I am wrong because Roberts would be really useful.

Forrest, in most people's eyes ( especially those that matter ) has had a good season. People who support less succesful teams like Liverpool no EPL victory in over 30 yrs, may query Forrest ability.

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20 May 2017 23:41:43
I don't think there had been any pressure on him Chris. I'd say there has been more pressure from fans to start him more. I don't think his attitude was there when he first signed but he is up to speed now. If this pans out and we get him it will be unbelievable. The moose is a grey area but the rest of the lads are all falling into place and will be at the club for a few years. SC in particular I think has really taken the club to heart and the reaction from the fans after that tw@t's racial abuse was top class. There must be a part of PR that doesn't want to give that up.

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19 May 2017 02:22:01
Hello bhoys and Ghirls bit of info regarding the moose, apparently he's 100% going to Chelsea for a fee of somewhere between 15-18 million. Solanke going to Liverpool and Roberts wants another go at life at city all from a very reliable source. HH.

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19 May 2017 09:03:07
🤔 A reliable source?

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19 May 2017 10:24:40
You almost sound happy about all that mcstay1888, 15-18 million, id hope not.

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19 May 2017 11:29:27
hes not going for anything less than £20 mate. We have proven track record now with bringing expcetional talents through. Thing is Dembele scores goals. its the hardest thing to do in football and also the most noticable. He will be attracting a lot of interest but 1 more year with hopefully european football will prove he's worth the money.

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19 May 2017 11:55:10

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19 May 2017 12:27:05
I dunno how I can sound anything when I make typing bhampot lol just passing on what I've been told I thought the dembele situation was strange also. Griffiths WILL be leaving some point soon also.

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19 May 2017 12:54:34
Solanke in Griffiths out maybe?

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19 May 2017 13:03:03
Solankes going to Liverpool more wages.

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20 May 2017 07:16:41
Any good news mcstay.

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20 May 2017 17:16:59
IT would seem strange for one expert to have both Griffith and Dembelle leaving in the one season .
I think we should settle down and not meet a doomsayer situation until it arises.

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21 May 2017 00:04:40
Ha ha, c'mon what's with these posts attempting to relay a negative message in a friendly fashion. All I would say to McStay1888 is " I can definitely smell shite".

On another note. Its fantastic that DK has come out and declared the warchest of 13 million for next season. Spent prudently I feel that this will give sevco a chance to compete with Aberdeen for 2nd. However the reality is that with Hibs, Hearts, Aberdeen and possibly even Dundee Utd it is more realistic for them to be challenging for 4th or even 3rd position.

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18 May 2017 19:34:54
Celtic have held further talks with Dominic Solanke.

Celtic, Southampton and Liverpool will all be at the Lens vs Niort match tomorrow evening to watch Jean-Kevin Duverne in probably his last game for Lens.

There's no update on the Demebele situation.

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18 May 2017 21:09:36
Don't think Griffiths has done himself any favours there Ed. Not quite the level of Commons/ Deila but idiotic all the same.

{Ed007's Note - He'll get fined for that.}

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18 May 2017 21:35:38
Just fined? He'll do well to play again after a "f*ck off". Well that's what it looked like to me? Am i right in my lip-reading?

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18 May 2017 21:37:43
He got a kiss Ed, haha.

{Ed007's Note - The jammy sod. :-D

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18 May 2017 21:54:33
BR a class act every time he speaks.

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18 May 2017 21:58:13
Hope that's not held against Leigh. He's waited all season for his chance and probably wants to make up for lost time and thought he was excellent tonight. If looks could kill though 😬.

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18 May 2017 22:17:31
LG really isn't the sharpest. He never seems to see the big picture. He scores, we are 3 up and the game is won. We have two more games looming to rewrite the history books.

He is our only fit senior striker and BR obviously wants to rest him and protect him from picking up an injury. His reaction is to tell the manager to f**k off! He is his own worst enemy.

{Ed007's Note - That's a pretty spot on and fair assessment (clap)

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18 May 2017 22:25:16
Stupid daft silly no more no less hopefully apologies, learns to keep emotions in check.

{Ed007's Note - It looks as if Rodgers told him his reasons for subbing him but there'll probably be a quiet chat, a small fine and a forfeit to be decided by the players then it'll be forgot about.}

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18 May 2017 23:13:39
Are they not talking about big bucks for Duverne Ed? Especially if Southampton lose VVD. On the LG incident, BR handled it well: never reacted in front of the cameras, put on the wee togetherness bit and then will have had a more serious word with him behind closed doors and a fine to follow. No need for it to be blown up into anything bigger, everybody moves on.

{Ed007's Note - I've no idea about how much Lens want, I just know Celtic will be watching him tomorrow night.}

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19 May 2017 01:53:53
Stan Petrov 19 - So did Fredo from Michael and we all know how that turned out.

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19 May 2017 08:02:04
Jonbhoy, Maybe like Harry Henderson he will get a kiss and be released.

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19 May 2017 08:49:14
Leigh Griffiths to get the hump and submit a transfer request when we sign another striker. probably end up at Hibs on loan or something. he's a great player but I just get the vibe Rodgers doesn't want drama and doesn't fancy him.

Just my thoughts.

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20 May 2017 17:22:10
Strange, I certainly don't claim to be an excellent lip reader, and I havn t seen the conversation where L Griffiths told Brendan Rodgers to "f k off "

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